Noviy Svet – A Little Piece Of Paradise


 Finding – “Paradise”

Have you ever felt like you’ve fallen asleep in hell and the next morning found yourself in Paradise? The road from Simferopol to Sudak is over a two-hour drive with the beginning being fairly straight going, but toward the end it begins to take many twists and turns and neither the wife nor I had eaten since leaving home (discounting airplane food). By the time we had arrived I was light-headed and grumpy, food was the top priority for the rest of what was going to be our first night in what I thought was going to be hell. My head was frozen in turmoil, what had I done coming to this god forsaken place. I’d love to say we were staying in a 5 star hotel but that would be stretching the truth. Darkness couldn’t hide what living years under Ukrainian rule exposed, the town itself has suffered under a serious lack of infrastructure improvements. Quickly I’d find out that Crimeans spent years paying into Ukraine’s tax coffers and would see little or none of it return to improve road conditions or much of anything else. This would be a common theme that I’d heard from most everyone that we spoke to, but I’m getting ahead of myself. We found a little restaurant near the beach ,our first night ended with a full belly and what I thought would be the vacation from hell.


From Our Balcony

Unlike Chevy Chase’s movie “Vacation”, we awoke not to hell but paradise. When we stepped out onto our balcony and looked down towards the beach every thought that I held earlier evaporated, my eyes beheld vision like I had never seen before. The air was crisp and clean, this was heaven. The slight breeze that was coming from the west filled my nostrils of memories of childhood on the beaches of Cape Cod. No, it wasn’t the cape but the air was electric, fresh, and rejuvenating. Even with sleep still in my eyes the beauty that surrounded me captivated my very essence, this meant exploring would be the order of the day. So you may ask what did you see that first day. My response to would have to be “the beach”. Neither of us wanted to do any other than relax, kick back, and enjoy our surrounding. I wish that I could say I took this next picture but I didn’t, what it does show is the crowds we meet when we arrived. C’est la vie!


The Beach

Oh, and as usual I found a short video that shows a little more about this wonderful little seaside town.

<iframe src=”; width=”640″ height=”360″ frameborder=”0″ webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen>
<p><a href=”″>Noviy Svet (Crimea, Russia) from Alex Lagorden on Vimeo.





7 thoughts on “Noviy Svet – A Little Piece Of Paradise

    1. I know, will be sharing more over the next several weeks as I have time. The school year has started and preparing for classes takes time. Something that is very precious to me.

  1. So glad you shared this, Steve! 🙂 I’m happy your trip improved after the rough start. Did you and your wife try any of the local wine / champagne?

    My husband is from Simferopol and took me to Noviy Svet once. Like you, I was stunned! We went on a nearby hike called “from Hell to Heaven”- have you heard of it? We started off at a beach called “Happiness”, hiked straight up “Hell”, then got to “Heaven” (which I think was actually Noviy Svet). Some pics from a hiking website:

    Looking forward to more posts about your trip!

    1. It was a fantastic trip, Crimea is a Russian Gem.Oh yes, we tried the wine, champagne, and much more. We did the expense tour of the winery there, what a treat. The trail you shared from the hiking website was great. We found part of it, even explored on our own some trails that few had been on, wow. Unfortunately my time right now is limited since I’m back teaching, but when I can find a moment I will definitely be sharing a lot more. (The hardest part is writing about what I learned about Crimea’s return to Russia). What the media shared is absolutely false from the get go. All lies, I’m going to share about it but wrap it in a tale about what happens to poor Alice when she falls down the rabbit hole. Should be a very interesting read.

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