World’s Longest Suspension Footbridge – In Russia


The Longest Suspension Footbridge in the World

The SkyBridge in Sochi, Russia has been recognised as the longest suspension footbridge in the world. The bridge “Skypark” itself opened in July of 2014 and has become one of Sochi’s favorite attractions.


439-Metre-Long SkyBridge

The 439-metre-long SkyBridge lies 207 metres above the Krasnaya Polyana valley, and forms part of the Sochi SkyPark, located to the north-east of the city itself.

Sochi SkyPark

The 740 tons bridge was developed by AJ Hackett took two years to complete, since it’s opening it has attracted extreme bungee jumpers from all over the world.

Extreme Bungee Jumping

For brave souls that are looking for an extreme bungee jumping thrill they can opt to hurl themselves off a viewing platform for a free fall of 650 ft into the valley below.

The “Trollwire”

For those extreme sports fans who are looking for more thrills can also speed along a zip wire aka the “Trollwire” more than 500 ft above the valley floor.

The Sochi-Swing – Highest in the World

Then for the true adrenalin junkie there’s the Sochi-Swing, described as “the highest swing in the world” according to the company’s website.

The Brave Soul Who Crosses in the Rain

Sochi SkyPark Video

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