The Future is Coming – To Russia


“The trains will start flying in 2018.

They will be powered by the Sun.

Earth will take a rest since they will stop extracting oil.”

Prophecy by: Vanga

When I read that a Hyperloop system was going to be built in Russia I knew that it would happen. Why? I remembered reading somewhere in my research that Vanga, a Bulgarian prophetess had predicted that trains would start flying in Russian by 2018. When I actually read this some time ago I thought it was an odd prophecy. We all know that trains don’t fly, right? So when I saw a very interesting article that the Russian government, Summa group, and Hyperloop-One were partnering up to build this transport system in Moscow (eventually intercontinental) it all fit. The project would be built to help ease heavy traffic and an aging Metro system that has needed renovation for years. What got me really excited was the technology, that it was to be solar-powered. What? Look at her prophecy again, can that be right? So what does this all mean, where would it go, what behind the technology itself.

The Future is Coming – To Russia

In June 2016 Hyperloop-One announced a memorandum of understanding with the Summa Group and the Russian Government to build a Hyperloop in Moscow. Though it’s hit a bump with claims of mismanagement,  co-founder of Hyperloop-One Shervin Peshevar along with the other two companies and the city of Moscow are eager to explore how hyperloop transportation —which in its perfected state promises to whisk goods and people at up to 800 mph in pods inserted into vacuum-sealed tubes — could “improve life dramatically for the 16 million people in the greater Moscow area, cutting their commute to a fraction of what it is today.”

He added that Hyperloop One’s long-term goal is to “implement a transformative new Silk Road: a cargo Hyperloop that whisks freight containers from China to Europe in a day.” See more here.

“Hyperloop will fundamentally change the global economy.”

Futurist, Visionary, and billionaire Elon Musk, proposed the hyperloop four years ago. His vision was of a “fifth mode of transport” that would involve a system of practically airless tubes through which magnetically levitated pods could carry passengers and cargo (think Vanga saw his future).

Another visionary Ziyavudin Magomedov, head of Summa Capital, was the most enthusiastic about the project, put up money for both of its’ company’s funding rounds.

This all took place at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, a high-profile Putin-sponsored business conference, to sell the new mode of transport to Russian officials. The gathering featured “18 heads of sovereign funds and President Putin. $10 trillion in the room. Largest collection of sovereigns in history,” Pishevar reported breathlessly. “Then Putin called on me as last word to talk and then responded. He spoke about Sherpa, Uber and Hyperloop One. In the end Putin said Hyperloop will fundamentally change the global economy.” See more here.




4 thoughts on “The Future is Coming – To Russia

    1. Indeed.

      One should deeply investigate the situation and trace the money.
      B\c this is or huge PR for various rosy imbecilic sheeples (esp. in the west) and modern dumb clip-thinking youth (in Russia such one also exist in a notable amount) or some kind of fraud and money laudering (besides such kind of laudering might be designed as in The West as in Russia or even in both simlu-sly) or just some kind of another market bubble, which are so beloved in US in UK in any form or color.

      Even Apple was overestimated finance bubble with fraudulent tax schemes. Current gigantic fines at Apple company in Europe shows that we actually have “the European Yukos case”.

      You also can take a look at Uber company, esp. its market capitalisation. Then i strongly recommend you to learn their last 2-3 annual financial reports to figure out how really profitable is the Uber last 2-3 years.

      And after that ask yourself the main question: from what exactly consist Uber market capitalisation, what are the hard and real assets with such values? An sure WTF is going? And why and what for? )))

      The same goes to Elon musk acitivy – he is very interesting fruit. It seems that he as a brand is used for many various purposes today starting from political, geopolitical , PR and “infowars” and ending by privatisation of public\governmental property and assets (as intelelect. as material ones) in US.
      He is very interesting personage when you really start to dig deep enough.

      There are really A LOT of true development in Russia, a lot of new cutting edge tech today and other cool things.
      But Hyperlook is not one of them – that is for sure.

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