Spiritual Roots of the Russian Soul


Spiritual Roots of the Russian Soul

The scent of the Russian soul draws near

Born in suffering the fate of life

From the earth comes power without fear

Cheap veneers cover up strife

Between two worlds resurrection comes

Finality derives from inequity

Life is birthed from hecatomb

In death there is no clemency

No enlightenment brings Emancipation

No soul is not accouched from the tomb

Spiritual life belongs to all nations

No poisoning of unborn cultures in the womb

Stony grey, metaphysical gloom, a messianic mission

Elevated in reconciliation it will conquer

Providing the Katechon to resist the ‘son of perdition

TheGreat Satanwill no longer grow stronger

All must remember it’s a spiritual matter

It’s the difference between ‘moral’ and religious

Alien Intruders all become mad hatters

Embracing the motherland will be prodigious


Rootless cosmopolitism comes to an end

No longer imbued from thoughts from the west

With Petrinism, once again we all will mend

The next thousand years will be the test

Resurgence must be the subliminally spoken verse

A mystical yearning bubbling up from our forebears

New thinking will be awaken from the curse

To those who are coming they are the torchbears

Pray that there will be no cultural contagion

Allow eternal embryonic forces be embraced

Let be Spiritual matters that we engage in

May all wounds finally be abased


Something very interesting happens with this poem,

it can be read from top to bottom

or from bottom to top.

Both share the same message.

The Circle of Life

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