Hoard of 17th Century Spanish Coins Found on Crimean Peninsula


Hoard of Spanish Coins Found

SOCHI, May 19./TASS/. Archeologists have found a hoard of 17th century Spanish coins at the site where the momentous bridge is being built between the Crimean Peninsula and mainland Russia, the Krymsky Most (Crimean Bridge) information center said on Wednesday.


Copper Talisman of Rodent Teeth 

During the numerous excavations they found a cemetery from the bronze age, lots of jewelry – earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, dating from the  17th and 18th centuries. Among the unusual finds, the amulet from the skull of a small rodent in a frame of copper that was worn as a talisman.”Archaeologists also found a hoard of silver coins hidden in a ceramic pot a total of fifteen pieces weighing more than 300 altogether on the outskirts of an ancient township,” the center said. “It is believed that the coins were made at mints in Spain in the 17th century.”



Silver Coins hidden in Ceramic Pot

At the moments, researchers are doing simultaneous archeological excavations at a number of sites located along the almost 40 km-long route of the bridge. They say the rare find may arouse the interest of coin collectors and historians.

“It’s important to understand how these coins ended up on the  (a peninsula in the southwest of Russia’a Krasnodar territory TASS),” said Dr. Emma Zivilinskaya, the leading researcher at the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology reporting to the Russian Academy of Sciences. “Quite possibly, this is a part of treasures looted from a galleon and a reminder of vibrant trade that was conducted here in the past.”


Route of New Crimean Bridge

Previous finds at the sites located along the route of the bridge included labor tools, household appliances and adornments. On the Taman Peninsula alone, the archeologists have examined the land areas totaling 19 hectares occupied once in the past by ancient settlements and burial mounds.


Over 150 Burial Plots Found from Various Time Periods

The list of their finds included the remainders of a Roman villa, a Khazar village, a military camp dating back to the times of Tmutarakan principality, which was a constituent part of the early medieval Duchy of Kievan Rus, the villages of epoch when the area was under the Ottoman sway and more than 150 burials of various periods.

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A Look at the Bridge Being Built

In the meantime, research at the so-called ceramic field a cluster of fragments of ceramic vessels dated dated to a broad chronological period of the 5th century BC to the 6th century AD is in full swing closer to the Crimean coast of the Kerch Strait, across which the Russian authorities are building the bridge.


History and Archeological Museum in Kerch

Hundreds of finds recovered from the seabed to date have been handed to the History and Archeology Museum in the city of Kerch.


12 thoughts on “Hoard of 17th Century Spanish Coins Found on Crimean Peninsula

  1. A question I guess we’ll never know the answer to: “Quite possibly, this is a part of treasures looted from a galleon” – would that be a galleon that sailed into the Black Sea and got looted, or one that got looted elsewhere by Crimean-local pirates, and brought back. Or even perhaps it was by honest trade in what was then Constantinople….

    1. Actually have a ulterior motive in this, will be traveling there in September so want to be well aquainted before going. I’m a huge history buff and want to establish myself as a travel writer. Best to do my due diligence.

      1. Good idea to scope it out first. It will be interesting to see what you can piece together historically.

  2. great post and the coins are so interesting – we were just discussing the lost coin parable and so the photos here really called to me!
    I also had the chance to read the comments and love what you said about the bridge from past to the present – oh so good – and keep doing what you do with your history writing – the world needs more history buffs with personality. ok – enough praise for just dropping by (came here from kathy’s blog) – and hope you have a nice time traveling in September too!

    1. Wouldn’t it be nice if we treated those who have drifted away from the gospel the same as searching for a lost coin? Having been there myself I know this pain. All it took was loving individual to care. Makes me wonder how rich we’d be if we were searching as well for those lost souls. Yes, I’m very much a history buff guess it was part of my upbringing. I’ve traveled all over America, now I’m traveling the world. My goal is to build bridges wherever I go, it has a lot to do with a burning light inside me that’s dying to get out and be shared. Personality wise I’m a mixed bag, my wife says I a moody person. I tell her I’m moody when I’m not doing what I’m supposed to do. Go figure. Anyway visited your blog, I’m sure you will se my comments there. Thanks again.

      1. well thanks for the visit – and I really enjoyed your reply on the coin and just the mission of your life. And I do believe that the angst we feel – or restlessness – or moods – well they really can be assuaged when we are “doing what what are called to do” – and it changes to -which I know you know…. but I see a much different me at intervals – anyhow, looking forward to following your blog

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