A New Jawdropping Discovery in Siberia – The Newest Wonder of the World


Photography by: Alexander Krivoshapkin

Ancient Warriors Frozen in Time

Deep in the heart of the expansive Sakha Republic in the middle of the bare tundra stand the rarely if ever photographed Sundrun Pillars. Standing like frozen warriors in time these citadels having been watching over the land for eons. These first eerie images were captured by Segey Karpukhin during a trip that aimed at counting wild herds of reindeer. These ancient buttes are so remote that even the locals can’t tell you much about this strange landscape.


Petrified by a Shaman Centries Ago

Deeming this an incredible find Segey determined to return with Alexander Krivoshapkin to whom he explained, ‘they are right in the middle of the bare tundra with buttes some 10 to 20 metres high, standing in groups and alone, like warriors on march, who were suddenly petrified with malicious intent, cast by a local shaman centuries ago.‘ This is how Segey Karpukhin described his fly by in 2012 to Alexander Krivoshapkin. See more here.


The Newest Wonder of the World

No these are not man-made structures, they are natural formations believed to be sculpted by relentless freezing and thawing of the granite and surrounding more eroded Devonian sandstone. These amazing pillars were discovered by a recce crowdfunding trip planned by Karpukhin and Krivoshapkin. They returned to the site more recently, during this trip they were able to better document the incredible find more closely.

inside 1

Could this Become a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

Could this newly found wonder become the next UNESCO World Heritage site? It’s amazing that in this modern world that places like this can still be discovered. It is well off the beaten path, it hasn’t shown up on TripAdvisor or Bookings.com but they will soon enough. See more here.

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