Why Does the American Establishment Hate Russia So Much?


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First of all, let me start by saying I don’t know why the American Establishment is so obsessed about Russia. I can’t think of any good reason why it should be. All Russia wants is a quiet life so that it can rebuild things – as Putin himself said, back before he was President:

The current dramatic economic and social situation in the country is the price, which we have to pay for the economy we inherited from the Soviet Union.

That was not said by someone whose principal purpose is to re-create the USSR or the Russian Empire; it’s someone who wants to re-construct the defective “economic and social situation” of his country. And that requires peace and quiet. In the real world, Russia isn’t any kind of threat whatsoever to the USA. And, one would think, when the “Terror threat looms across the world”…

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11 thoughts on “Why Does the American Establishment Hate Russia So Much?

  1. I think it’s remnants of old prejudices, back when USSR posed a credible threat. Since, I believe Russia and USA had begun repairing the mistrust between both Countries. Unfortunately, some people have to hold on to old hatreds, or their lives become meaningless. The same with their views on Japan, China, UK, and even the African-American population of our own country. Some people just have hate ingrained in their being, and will not, under any circumstance, consider another way of life.

    1. Americans are truly isolationists to the core. Fearful of everyone and everything different from what they consider normal. It’s my hope that the internet can help break down some of these barriers.

      1. I disagree that Americans are isolationists. It seems though that they want too much to be heroes. Why maintain military outposts in so many places? Also, it seems that when there is some disaster in another part of the world, always it’s the US that comes to the rescue. Typhoons, earthquakes, the US is usually one of the first to come up with aid. Though I don’t remember hearing about any other countries rushing to help us when we had Katrina happen. Here I have lived and worked alongside people from all over the planet (except Antartica), the same was not true when I lived in the UK – there I met people from only about 5 different countries.
        That aside, I am glad that you worded it that it is the US ‘establishment’ that hate Russia. I don’t know of any born or immigrant (including those of us who grew up in Europe during the cold war) Americans that want any kind of war against the Russian people.

      2. > Also, it seems that when there is some disaster in another part of the world, always it’s the US that comes to the
        > rescue.


        Try ask Japanese about Fukushima case for example.

        Remembering of the tragedy and efforts of russian rescuers by Japanese embassy employees in Russia.

        The core moment is from 7:00 to 10:00 th mins. The essence is obvious even for those who don’t know russian language. The significance and content-richness is becoming more obvious if one have at least some tiny clue about japanese culture.

        This is only one example and from only relatively recent events.

  2. Fear and hatred are endemic to the human race. Conquest is also endemic to the race. Reason has nothing to do with it, any more than it has to misogyny and racism.

  3. I don’t think they hate the Russians. First of all, they don’t know them. I think they are looking for a credible excuse to go to war to solve their unrelenting economic problems.

    1. [quote: I think they are looking for a credible excuse to go to war to solve their unrelenting economic problems.]

      Have to agree with that comment. There is a belief in “America” (includes Canada) that “overseas wars” are synonymous with economic prosperity. Certainly heard that comment often enough here in Canada. But as I said earlier, there is also that added irrational fear-that-leads-to-hatred endemic to the Earthian species. You can also add jealousy to that, another kind of irrational fear that someone else may be having a good time or doing better than you and instead of trying to better yourself you lash out at the other to tear him down. All religious persecution, for example, is based on this kind of irrationality. So you really are looking at two kinds of forces: built in hatred that requires a credible enemy and greed.

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