Russia’s Immortal Regiment – Never to be Forgotten


Immortal Regiment in the Streets of Moscow

The Soviet Union lost 13 percent of its population from 1941 to 1945. Almost every family lost at least one member, and survivors were often wounded or imprisoned. The consistent bombing and artillery fire on many cities resulted in vast destruction of residential areas in addition to military and industrial sites. Families were crowded into one small room and were fortunate if there was food and clean water.

An Event that Affected every Family in Russia

It would be no exaggeration to say that the war affected every family in Russia and all former Soviet republics and that its legacy has had an impact on successive generations of Soviets and Russians. Forty years after the war, in 1981, Soviet war veteran and poet Yuri Levitansky wrote:


«I don’t still dwell on that past war,
the war still dwells inside of me,
and tongues of the Eternal Flame
are licking at me steadily.»
(Translation by Tanya Wolfson)


Immortal Regiment – Kazan

In dozens of cities across Russia and many other cities of the world over two million people marched, the procession, often to the amazement of the locals, was accompanied by songs from the WWII period and people wearing St. George’s ribbons and elements of 1940s Soviet military uniforms. Above is a photo that was captured in Kazan were 45,000 souls filled the streets surrounding the kremlin nearby.


10 thoughts on “Russia’s Immortal Regiment – Never to be Forgotten

    1. Well this event took place 70 years ago, suspect this is something more than just a unifying factor though it’s part of it. Russians hate war, every time I’ve brought it up in conversation they get really quiet. See when something like this affects every single person in a country, you don’t forget. It’s my hope that the world see’s the significance and follows in like kind, then war will no longer be an option.

      1. You have the War Machine or Industrial Complex until we can unfetter ourselves from that, I’m afraid there will be more wars. I like to see everyone refuse to fight. But then they have these drones.

  1. It’s sad that so many lives have been lost. Not just in WWII, but any war at any time. Also, not just from one Country, but all involved. The part that is even worse is that the politicians who declare the wars sit safe in their bunkers while the citizens have to defend what they put in jeopardy; the safety and lives of the rest of the Countries.
    I might not have written it correctly, but hope my sentiments ring through.

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