Bedtime Story for Adopted Russian Brown Bear


Not Your Average House Pet

Meet Stepan, a 7ft. Russian Brown Bear who was adopted by Svetlana and Yuriy Panteleenko of Moscow, Russia. Stepan was found wandering in a forest by hunters when he was 3 months old, today he’s 23 years old and not only extremely domesticated but probably more civilized than most young adults. Weighing in at 300 lbs and almost 7 ft. tall he’s not exactly your average house pet. We’ve all heard that brown bears can be quite dangerous but the Panteleenkos claim that he doesn’t have an aggressive bone in his body. It seems that in all of years living with the family he’s never once bitten anyone, not even the dog. Stepan is just one great big “Teddy Bear”, truly sociable and loves people. Can you imagine getting invited tea?


His Favorite Chore – Watering the Garden

Unlike some young adults his age, he’s no freeloader. Stepan has his chores and loves doing them, plus he never talks back that he has more important things to do like hang out with his friends. His favorite chore is to help with the watering in the garden. So what other types of things does he enjoy doing? Well he loves having tea with his owner Svetlana, loves watching Putin on TV, playing ball in the backyard, or just hanging out on the couch with his owners (that’s one big lap bear).


So what does Stepan’s diet look like? He eats 25 kilograms of fish every day, vegetables, and eggs. Of course he likes his occasionally cup of tea as well. Does it make you wonder what the food budget is? Don’t worry, Stepan works as well. He’s an actor and model too. His all time favorite was getting to model with Maria Sidorova and Lidia Fetisova. All that kissing and hugging……….some bears/guys get all the luck (think I’m a little jealous). Sorry stated income not available (LOL).

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Not Exactly Howling at the Moon

So like his American counterpart “Gentle Ben”, Stepan has become quite well known in Russia. Otherwise when he’s not acting or just being a big goofball he likes his down time with family. This is his cuddling up time in the evening before bed. The following videos give a inside look at what it’s like to live with this peaceful giant. Think everyone should have a pet like Stepan. Are you ready to adopt?

His Life at Home

His Life as an Actor

18 thoughts on “Bedtime Story for Adopted Russian Brown Bear

      1. That would be great! One clear, sunny day in winter, I was on a flight that flew over the whole length of Russia–7 hours of snow-covered land–beautiful! magnificent! exhilarating! ‘Hope one day I could walk the land and experience it as you do.

      2. I hope that you do, it’s a incredible country, hope to see more of it soon. Plan to visit some interesting places this summer. Will keep you posted.

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