Life is Like a Box of Chocolates – In Russia’s Far East They Have Created Chocolate that may Extend Life Expectany


Forrest Gump once said that life is like a box of chocolates and, as it turns out, it might be just that. Researchers in the Russian Far East recently created ‘Sea Masterpiece’ chocolate, which can increse life expectancy.

glav_korp1VLADIVOSTOK (Sputnik) – Scientists in the Russian Far East Primorsky Territory created a chocolate with sea urchin and starfish extracts facilitating longevity, the G.B. Elyakov Pacific Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry (PIBOC), Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, said Tuesday.

‘Sea Masterpiece’ Chocolate

“Recently PIBOC and the Far Eastern Federal University scientists created new functional food called the ‘Sea Masterpiece’ chocolate <…> This ‘sea vitamins’ complex slows the aging process and renders a corrective effect on metabolic processes, which increases the quality of life and contributes to longevity,” the institute said.


Sea Vitamins include: Starfish, Sea Urchins and more

The so-called sea vitamins include substances taken from starfish, sea urchins, magnolia vine, and more. PIBOC has studied the structure and biomedical properties of marine natural compounds for over 40 years.Medicines and dietary supplements have been successfully developed and implemented in medical practice based on the institute’s research.

Source: Sputnik New


15 thoughts on “Life is Like a Box of Chocolates – In Russia’s Far East They Have Created Chocolate that may Extend Life Expectany

  1. I am passionate about chocolate and would happily import Russian chocolates that increase the quality of life. But can vegetarians eat them?

  2. Hm… i would recommed you not being so excited b\c Russia catched the western “disease” of pseudo-healthy (and often pseudo-medical) agressive marketing Supplements and BAS industry in early 90s. So naturally that there is a lot of various fraud, fake, ONLYmarketing products, various magic dummy pills and healthy “woodpecker shit” exist in Russia also the same as in The West…in seriously smaller amount and with much lesses pseudo-science (or sometimes even done by paid scientists) marketing and support than in a “Nation of Pills” – i.e. US, … BUT neverthelss!

    Sure exist some pretty very interesting and really good products, but there are usually not many of them and they usually don’t need a lot of marketing, PR and\or agressive media-coverage.

    So be carefull and study deeply all the info about the product, evidecnes ,producing companies, affiliates and key persons bios in such cases. 😉

    1. I will agree with this. I studied naturopathic medicince for over ten years. Also managed over 7 stores for one the supplement giants in the states.What I discovered over the course of this time is that the simplest solutions are the healthiest ones. A very high percentage of the time the “woodpecker shit” is exactly that. If they think they’ve come up with a product that is controllable and thus marketable those same people can command and or set the price that people will pay for such a product. The powers that be hate what they can’t control, thus creating a world were they are the masters is their agenda. Keep yourself safe, keep life simple and worry free. Your health is worth it and so is your freedom.

      1. Ha, yup.

        I think that it is russian mentality, default overall suspiciousness and general(and now maybe historical already) distrust to business ethics and morality prevents Russia from appearing pseudo-medical semi-naturopathic industry of consumer supplement pills worship cult like in US. They would rather trust some old babushka’s recipe or some herbs they gathered or which were gathered personaly by their friends in some russian wilderness than to some another advertised “magic pills”.
        And thank God that we don’t have such kind of absurdic suplement histeria.
        However we still have a lot of things to to fix in that industry too and put more regulations as in BAS industry as in medical products and even in food and agricultural sector (total banning of GMO is definitely not enough).

        If we have less mess and troubles than others that doesn’t mean that we don’t have them at all and that is why we shouldn’t stop to improve the stadarts and levels of protection of the population crucial supply.

        p.s. For example , i know folks who think..naaah we banned GMO, we banned many transfats- so we are have better food industry standarts than EU and much better than US. I always ask them: “Ok, what you want to be better than someone or to have absolutely safe and sky-high quality food, medical and supplement products? If the last one, then still A LOT of work should be done and it doesn’t mean if you are aready better than someone in some aspects or not while you didn’t achive the final goal of near absolute safety and quality!”

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