A resident of the Krasnoyarsk region, Tanzilya Bisembeeva, hit the Russian Book of Records as the oldest person on the planet – on March 14, 2016 she turned 120 years old.

astrakA 120-year-old Russian woman has entered the record books as the second longest-living person in the world, the Rossiskaya Gazeta newspaper reported Thursday. Born in 1896, Tanzilya Bisembeyeva has lived in a small village in the Astrakhan region of southern Russia all her life, the newspaper reported. Despite working in the fields for more than 60 years, she lives on a minimal pension because the people who could prove her work record on paper have all died, her son told reporters. Bisembeyeva’s first husband was killed during World War II and their child died during infancy, leaving her alone at the age of 49 when the war ended.
A second marriage proposal followed and she had her first son at the age of 53, according to  Sputnik News.
In a more personal look at her life, Tanzilya currently lives surrounded by her three sons, ten grandchildren, 24 great-grandchildren and two great-great grandchildren. Her age difference with the youngest member of her family is 119 years!
Her Daughter stated that:
“During her life my mother has seen a lot. She has lived from Rasputin to Putin. She has worked all of her life in the fields and on plantations,” her son, Shintas Bisembeev, told online publication RG in an interview.
Bisembeyeva’s relatives say that she “never sits still, doesn’t smoke and eats only organic produce” and enjoys a positive outlook on life.
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      1. If there is choice in the matter I won’t be around that long. There are other dimensions to explore.

      1. You’ve watched too many pirate movies………by the way……..you can call me Captain Bligh. On the Island of Kazan we have lots of treasure……just waiting to be picked.

      2. So, THAT’s why they buried the chests; so treasure trees could grow, and they could return and pick more riches.
        By the way, I’m mistaken. Hoist is for the flag and the canvass (Hoist the main’sl, or Hoist the colors). Weigh is the anchor.

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