What the Russians think of us: stereotypes about the British

russian holmes

A Window on Russia

Hopefully my posts have given you some impression of what Russian people are like. Now for what the Russians think of us, the British. Well, at least the stereotypes they have about us. Apparently many of these stereotypes have come from the Soviet TV adaptation of Sherlock Holmes, as well as the Soviet adaptation of Mary Poppins. The Soviet Sherlock Holmes follows the books very closely and the actor playing him did such a great job he was awarded an MBE! So perhaps such a quality source should make for some accurate stereotypes… well, if only we were all mini Sherlocks!

russian holmes Russian Sherlock! Source: rbth.com


We’re very polite and well-mannered. In fact, we’re overly polite to the extent that our manners are all rather meaningless; we just end up seeming a bit prim. On top of being prim and proper, all of us are apparently Lords or Ladies or…

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9 thoughts on “What the Russians think of us: stereotypes about the British

    1. Ha!. Actually it is really worse! lol.
      But now they know all…even more than enough! )))

      However today less stereotypes and more real ugly truth. 😛

      These one in the post are rather soviet romantic ones… when ppl didn’t know really about GB anything.
      Today russians travels a lot..or at least traveled a lot around Europe and some of them are living there and keep very close connections with real motherland.
      Thus many russians are pretty well and fairly informed about any europenian country.

      Maybe b\c of this(lost of curriosity to Europe) and some other reasons they now are more interested in China, South-East Asia, Japan, Korea, Africa and Central\South America. They just know far less about these regions (but still more than usual westerner he-he) and that is why they are attractive for them for exploration.

      1. Heh. 🙂
        With countries just like with woman. Always really attractive that one who has some kind of mystery in herself.
        When you know all about her and can predict her every step she is becoming not so attractive. 😛

      2. Think it’s part of the Russian psyche to travel and investigate, they don’t conquer, they assimulate and disseminate it’s a lot less destructive.

      3. Yup, they definitely don’t conquer… but why – it is hard to say for sure. 🙂
        Maybe they assimulate and disseminate, but i would also notice that they really passionate about learning and investigating. Imho that is reason why there are still so many native indigenous ethnicities live in Russia and why russian culture is so rich. They just always learned and adopted many cultural things from other ethnicities and all their neighbors in Russia the same time incorporating those other ethnicities into common and complex russian cultural space.
        In US for example we can see totaly opposite situation when different cultures are destroyed and the main cement\foundation\base of the society is not deep complex branchy common culture, but basic material interactions and wealth above the all worshiping with liberal basic values as artificial cultural substitute. I.e. utiniting of the various ethnicities appeared not on the ground of confluence and fusion of cultures, but on the ground of extermination the differencies through the extermination of each culture as a whole issue.
        Btw approx. the same approach and worldwiev we can see now in Europe and partially that is why multiculturalism there miserably failed…NOt ONLY only b\c of this, but b\c of this too.

        Russians on other side always like to learn something new and if they found something interesting or\and useful for them – they will try to adopt that in their culture or country. And sure during such learning they like to share with those from whom they are learning something of their own what they found nice, good, useful and so on.

        Today in Europe almost nothing left to learn or investigate… maybe only some tech. manufactures in civil and semiconductir. industries, but they step by step are moving to Russia from Europe by their own financial and strategic interests b\c of many reasons.

        So time to move exploration to Asia, Africa CA and SA. )

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