Rare Sundog Over Kazan


Rare Sundog Over Kazan

Source: UPI

KAZAN, Russia, March 17 (UPI) — A rare optical illusion giving the appearance of three suns in the sky was caught on camera over a Russian city where ice crystals gathered in the atmosphere.

The video shows what appears to be three suns in the sky over the city of Kazan, but the “suns” to the left and right of the middle star are actually optical illusions known as “sundogs.”

A sundog is created when the light from the sun is reflected by ice crystals in the atmosphere.

The triple sun, recorded in January, featured illusion suns much larger than those recorded in December over Winnipeg, Manitoba, following a large snow storm.

12 thoughts on “Rare Sundog Over Kazan

  1. Beautiful picture. These were also quite regularly seen in northern Canada where I was raised on the homestead. We always thought of them as harbingers of a blizzard and snow storm. I never much cared for that country but it did have beautiful skies, especially at night!

  2. Interesting that Manitoba (esp at the southen part) have very similar landscapes, nature and even soils to belt Ukraine-Southern_Central part of the Russia.

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