Dreaming Forest Women

Elder Mountain Dreaming

The song in this video, Lúčnica – Omilienci, is a Slovak Folk Song, and this ancient Spring Ritual of song and dance is from the Village Važec, which involves women forming a human chain with song while rhythmically walking (movement of directing energy). This type of dance is known as “chorovod” and the Chorovod Omilienci of the Slovak tradition is particularly dedicated to the celebration of Spring and is unique to this Village.

The Movie Clip: Лісова пісня. Мавка – Ukrainian Forest Nymph film scene. Україна. Here is the original Movie in its entirety: Lesnaya pesnya, Mavka (Yuri Ilyenko, 1981)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_pBrHupM2I. Cover photo of our video is a Lithuanian Model and Photographer is Nils Vilnis, http://www.vinils.lv, and the Chorovod share was from DokuDoki.

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14 thoughts on “Dreaming Forest Women

  1. Nice oldschool stuff. Thx!

    I like a lot various slavic folk(russian, ukranian, belorusian, slovak, slovenian, serbian etc) as original as modern ethno\folk-rock.

    Brw already a few years i can’t imagine Easter without serbian singer Divna Ljubojević.

    1. Oh yes, great! I discovered Divna a year ago and was so impressed by her voice that I had to include this song into my little post on Orthodox Easter. I am glad that you like her and that more people get to know her through your comment.

      1. Yup, and she is amazing in any language – greek, serbian, russian, church-oldslavonic.

  2. literally …The Elder from a Russian FairyTale 😛

    Just something nice:

    Part of some long ethno perfomance:

    Something modern and unusual – russian folk instrument – gusli, russian performer and some english and russian texts:

  3. Example of folk-rock Ivan-Kupala “Kupala i Kostroma”:

    Cossacks folk song from Lermontov’s times “Otsya ty Osya, Ty menya ne boysya!” – Oysya, you’ Oysya, don’t afraid of me! (Now again actual for Erdogan dogs ))) ):

    Another interesting folk example of ancient Cossacks song – in fact Cossacks lezginka – the result of mix of Slavic and Caucasusian cultures and traditions “Oy, Rada, Rada!”:

  4. Something interesting like progressive-folk or progressive-ethno …dunno how it would be more right to call:

  5. Another beautiful example of slavic folk in modern pack.

    Bulgarian slavic folk song “Rada” recomposed\remixed by Thomas Bergersen
    Vocal : Vladislava Vasileva

  6. Relaxing Ethno in slavic style:

    Lullaby with Gusli:

    Lovely, brothers, lovely!

    Ivana-Kupala Rosy (Dews)

    Losya \ Soha (elk cow \ moose cow)


    Kolyada(eng. subs)

    In Ancient Russia “Zayinka” was the second name the Aryan Swastika symbol that is why “legs are slender crooked” and that is direct connection with Kolyada(Koleda).

    Ukrainian folk “Oy tam na gori”

    Ggay – In arms of Mara

    Live “Maslyanitsa” Moscow , 13 March 2016

    In this topic represented generally Slavic folk and Slavic ethno music, but in Russia live more than 160 native indigenous ethnicitites of various russian ppl. And all of them have culture and beautiful folk and ethnic music too! 🙂
    It just will be not enough of pages in this whole blog to represent all of them only from Russia…. let alone brotherly Slavic countries or culturaly fraternal Asian countries of so-called “russian world” (Kazakhstan, whole Middle Asia, Caucasian countries and some others )

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