Saint Pierre & Miquelon and Russia


Saint Pierre & Miquelon Islands

Almost overnight during the 1920’s and early 30’s, Saint Pierre & Miquelon Islands experienced prosperity like never before as a prime liquor hub for much of North America which was under prohibition. France’s smallest colony was a dream come true for both bootleggers and suppliers. Due to this French government spent close to 20 million francs to improve its harbor and storage facilities, which were now accommodating a thousand ships each year.  Despite its low import duties, income from customs alone was three times the operating budget of St. Pierre & Miquelon before prohibition.  Gangsters in pinstriped suits and fedora hats could be seen wandering around L’Hotel Robert, including Al Capone who was rumored to have a private residence on the island.   And with more than two million gallons of Canadian whiskey being exported in just one year, a branch of the Canadian Bank of Imperial Commerce was established on the territory.  Considering the Dominion was doing more business there than they were with Argentina, Australia, Ireland or China, it wasn’t a bad decision at all. See more here.


Yalta in Crimea

During this same time Crimean Turks, also known in the West as Crimean Tatars, were until 1944 the autochthonous inhabitants of the Crimea. Their fate furnishes one of the best illustrations of Soviet genocide. As is well known, the Bolsheviks occupied the Crimea and incorporated it into the RSFSR in November 1920. Numerous existing documents and research studies testify to the fact that until World War II, during the 20-year rule of the Bolsheviks in the Crimea (November 1920 to November 1941), the Soviet government followed a policy of gradual but systematic physical extermination of the Crimean Turks and that the mass genocide of 1944 was only the concluding stage in this program of extermination.

After the occupation of the Crimea by the Bolsheviks in November 1920, power in the Crimea was handed over to the notorious Hungarian Communist, Bela Kun, who carried out a policy of mass terrorism. In the process between 60,000 and 70,000 inhabitants of the Crimea were shot. This reign of terror was the introductory phase of physical extermination of the Crimean Turks by the Bolsheviks. The name of Bela Kun became a household word among the people, who replied to terrorism with armed resistance to the Soviet regime. See more here.

10 thoughts on “Saint Pierre & Miquelon and Russia

  1. Steeve, did you read yourself the description of Crimea you posted here?

    “Bolsheviks occupied the Crimea and incorporated it into the RSFSR in November 1920” – wow! and where it was before from 1783 year officialy?

    “The Soviet government followed a policy of gradual but systematic physical extermination of the Crimean Turks and that the mass genocide of 1944 was only the concluding stage in this program of extermination. ” – WHAT???

    Steeve do you feel how idiotic it sounds? 1944 year – BLOODY battles with NAZI Germany! Soon openeing the the second front and liberation the China from millions of Japanses militarists (The rel defeat of Japan btw. It is not nucalear bombs defeted the main japanese forces). An during the same time the Soviet have nothing to like to repress the Crimean Tatars? BULLSHIT!

    There never was any genocide of Crimean Tatars- THAT is also bullshit! Or provides at least tiny evidences about this.

    Deportaion and some repressions at big part of them was AFTER WWII… BUT DAMN … – ASK YOUSELF WHY!!!
    B\c those motherfuckers colaborated with NAZi Germany and Hitler! Not all, but some big part of them!

    During the Crimean war with Turkey they collaborated with Osman Empire.

    Now during destruction of Ukraine some part of so-called Crimean Tatar nationalist(or better to whores) collaborated with Ukrainian Junta in Kiev, American State Dep and CIA, Turkey and personaly arsehole Erdogan (there was training camps for extreemist in Crimea payed by NGOs from Turkey.. before Russia took it back)!

    Do looked AT LEAST from what source you posted that description???

    Do you know thier symbolic? Do you know that NGOs with those symbolic done in Crimea last 7-10 years and do now in Ukraine?

    These are not crimean Tatars – these are western whory jackals – turkish dogs.

    Crieman Tatars live in Crimea and have NO any troubles!

  2. Even now during prank of Turkish ISIS suporting dog.. i meant president Erdogan, he talks about so-called Crimean Tatar nationalists.

    Full audio of prank call to Erdogan from pseudo – Poroshenko and Yatsenuk- president and PM of faschist ukranian junta in Kiev today.
    Unfortunatelly youtube delete videos with english subs (freedom of speech you know 😉 ).
    Sooner video with english translation will appear on other services it think.

    1. Actually this is well know fact.

      The same sitatution as with Ukranian NeoNazi like “Right_Se-ct-or” and some other organizations like “U_n_a-U_n_so” and others had training camps in forests of Ukrainian Galicia and Poland. Oh from where do you think sudenly appeared those well trained and organized and armed agressive groups of young ppl during so-called “Ma_id_an”?

      In Cirmea they just had just little different specifics – there were mainly isla_mi_stic training camps sponsored not only by US but even more by Turkey, Saudit and Quatar funds. They existed there from time to time back from Che_chen wars.

  3. Meanwhile here is another interesting incident…

    Here we can see pround Chechens, who ,according to western media, grant-provides, NGOs, Soros funds, Human Right agencies other western world enlighteners, were additional to Crimean Tatars repressed ethnical minority of Russia and who “hate” russians and Russia so much for its “crimes”.

    In this video these pround Chechens show their admiring, support and sympathy to “russian” neo-liberal “thruly patriotic” political oposition figure – Mikh_ail Kasy_anov (“Misha 2%”), who is sponsored by western funds, Soros, US and EU governmental agencies for “democracy” , “freedom” and “human rights” etc.

    I have to say, that thankfully to western activity culturally close and conservative Chechen ppl started to join to Modern Art.

    Also for currious reader might be interesting to know that Mikhail Kasyanov (“Misha 2%”) feel so close to US Embassy – he literally such an often visitor there that really feels now as at his new home – such deep is his spiritual connection to US “democracy”, “freedom” and “human” values.

    rolf =D 😀 😀

    p.s. There were a rumors among the visitors of restaurant that during incident Mik_hail Kas_yanov had time to eat 2% of that sweet cake… well habits are habits, you know )))

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