The Eyebrow Raising Russian Sherp


The Eyebrow Raising “Russian Sherp”

Monster trucks have been a design for racing and destruction, but a similar concept looks to assists workers in extreme environments. The Sherp ATV is an all-terrain mini monster that not only dominates over rugged environments, it also plows through water, snow and ice. This Russian ATV’s is equip with enormous self-inflating tires and paddle-like treads that propels the machine over obstacles as tall as 27.5 inches.

It goes without saying that specialization sometimes brings up limitations in vehicles. A car designed for the track will not do well with the least bit of dirt or rocks, while a 4×4 designed for the trail won’t be able to corner at high speed. But some vehicles can do just about anything, and when we come across those, it raises our eyebrows.

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24 thoughts on “The Eyebrow Raising Russian Sherp

  1. What amaze me most aside from ATV capabilities is a fuel expense of only 2-3 L/hour. I just know how much usually consume typical monster trucks.

    Very interesting vechicle. Wonder about internal construction…

    1. When I first saw the video I thought is was a remote control toy, had a good laugh when I understood differently. It’s very compact, robust, and very capable. Makes me wonder what else is in the works.

      1. Yup, however they have one minus- you can’t use them on normal roads. Well … you can, but that will destroy the wheels very fast.

        Actually russians have really a lot of various ATV. Ppl creative mind is sticked here more to them than to some bikes or usual cars. Strange thing, but fact. For ppl it is easier to make a tank than decent town\family car … lol 🙂

  2. hOkay. 🙂 Here is smthg you didn’t post for sure:

    “Unique motor wheel with asynchronous electro motor – no magnets, hall sensors and so on”.

    “In this velobike prototype that small motor delivers beastely 20kW of power”

    They now developing the motor wheel for a car also.
    Chinese tried to buy it btw 🙂 Now they are trying to copy b\c the invetor is creating so called ppl-corp and want to produce all in Russia\Ukraine only.

    1. The main goal imho will be futher weight reducing to deliver better ration of sprung mass\unsprung mass. Today they have a lot of spce for futher weight reducing. Will be interesting to see the result.

  3. Another interesting vechicle. Prototype for now. Serial one will have sliding screw propeller for sure and -1T of weight and a lot of other modes.

    1. Testing of the same Vehicle prototype in Northen Ural.

      Actually whole concept is designed for North Taiga and Tundra. Totaly all repair works of the ATV can be done from inside – i.e. no need to go out. Except case with wheels sure.
      The thing is already swimming with wheels but later have a propeller.

      In video one can find additional interesting ATV except main one.

      1. Looks liek new modified version of this ATV prototype is laready on wheels.
        Now one can see screw propeller also

      2. Testing of the second lighter prototype continues -this time at Polar Ural
        At the end of the video the crew friendly trolled latvian guys on some nice-looking “town-cars” 😛

      3. Testing of the 2nd prototype of this ATV continues. ATV team is planning North Pole Arctic Expedition on this 2nd prototype (i.e. reach Nor Pole and reaturn on the same vehicle).
        Here is short film how testing is going on:

  4. Another interesting ATV “Petrovich” and pretty interesting video – testing the sattelite equipment and MEETING the astronauts at the landing spot in the middle of nowhere 🙂

    *caution: author has strange music taste. imho 😉

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