A New Terminal at Domodedevo Airport


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Domodedevo Airport Terminal 2

Ant Yapı builds four new projects -Domodedevo Airport Terminal 2 ,Bolshevik Business Center,LIFE-Botanicheskiy Sad Residence complex and Checkhov Luxury Club Houses– in Russia after the OKO Towers which is konwn the biggest building of Europe.

Domodedevo airport,the biggest of Russia, terminal 2 project is expectd to cost$500 million.The other three projects have $100 million investment value.All projects will be completed at the end of 2016 year.

Mehmet Okay, chairman of the Ant Yapı, said that thay continued to build 35 projects in the country and abroad worth totally $3 billion taht having 2 million 620 thousand square meter area.




2 thoughts on “A New Terminal at Domodedevo Airport

  1. from my memory, and I know it’s been added to several times since I was there, the airport in 1999 was incredibly small. I can only imagine volume has increased dramatically since then as well, so this is great news!

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