The Mythical Russian Black Unicorn – Real or Legend?


The Kilin of Chinese Legend?

The first appearance of a Unicorn happened in China which was known as the Kilin a combination of both the words Ki, the male Unicorn and Lin, the female Unicorn. It was claimed to a lived about one thousand years and was always careful not to tread on even the tiniest living thing eating only plant life that had naturally died. The Chinese believed that when a Unicorn appears it’s good sign of things to come, although things are currently bad and have been for centuries things may soon change.  Many people also believe that the Unicorn will reappear when the time is right and goodness will reign again. Is this time coming soon?

Elasmotherium, Philip72-Wikipedia

The Mythical Russian Black Unicorn – Real or Legend?

At the beginning of the 20th century it’s believed that paleontologists had successfully re-discovered the original unicorn. The bones and skulls of an extinct relative of the rhinoceros were discovered in Russia and Siberia. This creäture seems to have more of a resemblance to the ancient reports [of unicorns] in China causing the  Elasmotherium sibiricumeven resemble the Unicorn more than does living rhinoceros. This black Unicorn was noticeably larger than the largest Indian rhinoceros, its horn was much longer and was actually situated in the middle of the forehead of the animal. In the beginning there was a lot of excitement but it subsided with time, the idea that Elasmotherium had anything to do with the unicorn legend was dismissed by scientists.

Elasmotherium sibiricum, Apokryltaros-Wikipedia

Man and Elasmotherium Might Have Lived Together

However in Melchior Neumayr’s book  History of the Earth: he wrote that it was possible that in Siberia, man and Elasmotherium might have actually lived together. He further speculated that Elasmotherium might have been hunted and even exterminated by man. This might explain the ancient songs of the Tunguses [aka the Evenks], they shared that they resided next to a giant black ox that had a single horn in the middle of the forehead, so large that it took up an entire sled for the transportation of it’s horn alone.”


Did the Black Unicorn walk alongside Modern Man?

The E. sibiricum was comparable to a woolly mammoth Mammuthus primigenius in size. It stood over 6.5 ft at the shoulder and was up to 15 ft. long, and being a rhinoceros it had proportionately longer legs than the rhinos of today. Like the Wooly mammoth it’s believed to survived to at least as recently as 50,000 years ago, (the late Pleistocene epoch) and possibly even later. Thus the hypothesis of that this species survived and walked alongside modern man in Siberia is neither impossible nor even overly implausible. During this time in the Black Sea region  E. caucasicum another species of rhinoceros flourished during the early Pleistocene and was even bigger, up to 16 ft long and weighing an estimated 4-5 tons. See more here.


The Giant Unicorn

Certainly, a huge gracile rhinoceros bearing a gargantuan horn not upon its snout’s nasal bones like all known living rhino species today but upon its brow’s frontal bones instead might well make a very convincing giant unicorn. And indeed,Elasmotheriumis commonly referred to informally by this exact name – the giant unicorn.

Is This the Black Unicorn of Evenk Lore

Nor is the huge black unicorn of Evenk lore the only evidence that has been put forward in support of the postulated if currently-unproven late survival of Elasmotheriumand its contemporaneous, pre-extermination existence alongside humanity in Asia.




10 thoughts on “The Mythical Russian Black Unicorn – Real or Legend?

  1. I wish to believe it’s true as I am fascinated by this magnificent creature. It is sad that man is responsible for the extinction of so many of the animals that once roam our planet. True or not, there is a great moral lesson to the story of the unicorn. Thanks for sharing this post.

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