A Reason to Visit Russia – The Sayan Mountains


One of the Last Untouched Wilderness Areas

The Altai-Sayan ecoregion is one of the last remaining untouched areas of the world. The Altai-Sayan Ecoregion situated on the boundary between Siberian taiga forests and Central Asian deserts stands out from its surrounding territories with its unique diversity of animal and plant worlds. See more here.

Most Beautiful and Inaccessible Mountains of Russia

In the center of the Eurasian continent, in southern Siberia, spread some of the most beautiful and inaccessible mountains of Russia Sayan. This mountainous country is a majestic mountain ranges, stretching over a distance of more than a thousand kilometers, and includes the Western and Eastern Sayan. See more here.


Valley of Sumak, Mineral Springs

In the middle of East Sajan is the valley of Sumak, where a lot of mineral waters with healing effects spring to the surface. They can be reached by walking, horseback or by helicopter (for wealthy people). At Gigaplaces.com they  have a photo-report that describes the walk from Sumak pass to the mineral springs. I’d highly suggest visiting their site for more information on this destination. See more here.

20 thoughts on “A Reason to Visit Russia – The Sayan Mountains

  1. Just took a look…This is the kind of landscape that puts we mere humans in our place. Stunning, awesome (in the real sense of the word:) and a place I would love to travel through by train. Janet

      1. Some of the mountians look rather recent. They aren’t rounded by time like the Canadian Shield. Usually there is a lot of activity when they are newer.

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