Why is Putin so Popular in the U.S.?


Why is Putin so Popular in the U.S.?

A 2014 Gallup poll showed that only 19% of Americans had a favorable opinion of Russian president Vladimir Putin.

At the same time, in MSM articles on Putin one will usually find a fair share of his defenders in the comments section. We noticed the same phenomenon among members of our Intellectual Takeout audience in a recent post on Putin.


Maybe it’s Leadership?

So, why do some Americans admire Putin? Two reasons come immediately to mind.

One, Putin is regarded as a strong leader, and Americans are hungry for strong leadership. Less than half of Americans consider President Obama to be “a strong and decisive leader.” See more here.

24 thoughts on “Why is Putin so Popular in the U.S.?

    1. I sometimes wonder if this is part of the plan, so to speak. I’ve always seen in my mind that Russia and the US are two parts of the same mind. There are those who are left handed and those who are right handed. They are both a part of the same body. It’s no different in the world.

  1. I admire Vladimir Putin because he is the ONLY adult in the room. The leaders in Europe merely kowtow to U.S. demands even when it is not in their best interest. And here in America, we have no leadership. We have children throwing temper tantrums in the halls of Congress and in the White House. There has been no real leadership in America for quite some time and even after the next presidential election, it will continue.

    The so-called ‘candidates’ for the office of the presidency are either stupid, arrogant, foolish, ridiculous, childish, ignorant or all of the aforementioned. We don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of having a real leader come out of that circus of horrors. Vladimir Putin stands heads above THAT crowd and will continue to do so! I give him many accolades for using sense and sensibility when America’s ‘rulers’ have used bombs and drones and ‘good terrorists’ and then Europe is wondering why it has a ‘refugee’ problem. They can thank America for THAT!

    Great post!

    1. Isn’t it interesting, one country has two neighbors the other has 14 neighbors. Think it only stands to reason that the one who has 14 is somewhat forced to learn how to get along. It’s a much bigger sandbox. One acts superior the other acts for the most part with humility (found this to be the case with the people as well). Leaders are born in the fire, not alone in a cave separated from everyone else. The true test is coming, be prepared.

  2. I think that it is the American system of government that is in a state of collapse. They are completely over run by the multinationals. Nothing seems to get done except for these abominable trade deals that bring a negligible benefit to the American people. Our leaders are too busy “hob nobbing” with the “fat cats” to take care of business at home. In Canada we just had a regime change, or a bloodless coup for the same reason. In the US it looks like they are stuck with more of the same.

      1. Sure, no problem. I’ve asked several Canadians to do posts but none have gotten back to me, not sure why. Either I’m okay if you decide not to, don’t feel obligated.

    1. That’s a very good question. I think it has a variable of good answers. The best answer is that many who left Russia started in the late 19th century (the first wave) the last large wave to occur took place 1991-2001. Today 905,843 Russians live in the States. I suspect the reasoning for your question comes from “Why” did they leave, correct? The Soviet Union was very different from today’s Russia. It’s not perfect but it’s definitely much better than it was. A few of my students would like to immigrate to the U.S. but the rest see the truth about America, it has changed as well. If I was to put my finger on one thing that still compels them to leave Russia is the belief that they can make more money there. But what I’ve learned is that everything is commensurate and when you look closely to the truth including taxes, Russians are much better off staying in Russia. But your question has great merit, have been meaning to create a post about this. Now is maybe the time.

  3. I am a 30 year old American, though ashamed to say so by Obama’s standards of what it means to be an American. I would say about 98% of people in my country are completely controlled by the media. The young people do not understand history and find Marxism very appealing, even the professing Christians. And I find that these people can’t be argued with, as they think they have the moral upper hand on issues like social inequality and accepting the Muslim refugees and basically drooling over Obama’s every word. I fear that we have already fallen to communism. The guilt manipulation is so strong. If you disagree with one of the “movements” then you are a racist, a bigot, a right winger, a terrorist, etc.
    The reason so many are praising Putin is because we see him doing the things we long to see our own leaders doing. Protecting the Protestant Church, protecting the traditional family, protecting the nation from Islamic invaders. We don’t have a clue what Putin has been doing in Ukraine. But I do know that Putin listened to Solzhenitzyn and that gives me a little hope. The West is dying. And we Americans who at least have a little understanding see our freedoms slipping away, but this has been going on for a long, long time. People are really starting to jokingly wonder if they should leave America for Russia.

    1. Kendall, Wow. You are espousing most of what I believe as well. It’s shameful what’s happening, but honestly expected. Russia is a much freer country then it used to be. I’ve learned so much by being here and understand exactly what you are saying. There is so much I could share, but I will tell you this. Communism didn’t work here in Russia, it won’t work in America either. What it will do is shake up America, and hopefully it will return to it’s basic values after the turmoil is over. But the worst part hasn’t come yet for America, so brace yourself and stand fast in what you believe. Radical Islam is a problem, this is for certain. Interestingly enough I have many moderate Muslim friends here that are wonderful people just like you and I, they are no different. It’s the media that is hyping all this nonsense. Yes, the west is dying. The question is how long can the government prolong this death? I suspect it will happen sooner than later. This is why they are putting so much pressure on Russia.

      A little side note: I’ve experienced more liberties here than I ever had in the States. A lot of what is spoken about Russia is just plain lies. But Russia has it problems as well, so don’t think if you make the decision to come life will be simply better, it won’t freedom and liberty come at a cost. Today most Americans would rather be communist and get the hand outs from the state. But a slave is a slave and this is exactly what they are striving for, enslavement to a system that is broken and is trillions of dollars in debt. Either way, keep your chin up and fight the good fight.

  4. Some hilarious video:

    “Because Democracy!”

    First i wanted to put it in “Russian Swear Words” post … He-he

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