The Rare Russian Pallas’s Cat


The Rare Pallas’s Cat

The unusual appearance of the Pallas’s Cat has led some to theorize that manul may be a relative to the Persian cat who also have very fluffy fur, round features and quite unusual face shape for cats. Unlike other cats the Pallas’s cat is the slowest among them relying on stealth and patience. See more here.


Not as Big as They Look

Known also as the ‘manul’, which is Mongolian in origin, this wildcat appears much bigger and heavier than it truly is: its hair keeps it warm in cold weather but also gives the illusion because of it’s stocky frame that it’s larger than it appears. They have longer and denser fur and undercoat than any of the other cats, underneath all this fur they are the same size as domestic cats.


Say “Cheese” or was that “Gerbil”

In the picture above one would think they are quite grumpy, but that just the start. The Pallas’ cat’s eyes differ from other felids.  They are round, not slit-like, and react like human eyes by contracting when faced with strong light rays.  As with all cats, they possess a third eyelid (nictitating membrane).  In the case of Pallas’ cats, this may be crucial for protection against extreme weather conditions such as severe winds and dust storms. See more here.


Quite Adorable but Seriously Endangered

The Manul has been listed in the Red Book of Russia, along with Kazakhstan, Kyrgizia, Mongolia and China as well. It is one of the least studied wild cats in the world with the area of habitat from Caucasus to east Mongolia. Population of manuls difficult to define. Even though the area of habitat has not changed in the last few decades, the population continues to decrease across the whole area. In recent years manul disappeared from the Caspian region and the East of their habitat in China. See more here.






11 thoughts on “The Rare Russian Pallas’s Cat

  1. Cats of the Russian Far East:

    Some fun – patriotic pet cat (:

    p.s. The main danger for russian wild cats is unfortunately China b\c\ of their culture and black market. But have to admit that chinese government now doing a lot to stop these and help preserve russian cat. For example the punishment by law for hunting a tiger\leopard or for trading a tiger\leopard or its parts in China – is DEATH as i heard.

    1. Again this consumeristic aproach…i want this-i want that..i want more…
      This is WILD cat! It should stay in wild!
      Better help to increase their population in wild than try to own one. 😉

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