Russian Grandma (babushka) gives Obama some Advise

Just found this video and had to share it. This is a little old grandma (babushka) here in Russia that tells Obama what she thinks. For more info see here.


23 thoughts on “Russian Grandma (babushka) gives Obama some Advise

  1. May Obamushka and all his ilk (fashisti et al) take up Babushka’s offer.. because THAT is a meeting I’d love to read about! Maybe she’ll treat them to a bit of borsht and khleb too… 😉

      1. Pure i meant smthg like this:

        I.e. not ukranian one what is mixed (it is also good esp. when fresh), but bread what mostly contains rye.

  2. He-he…
    Imo babushka overdid a little. To much sense in such small amount of words…..
    According to statistic about what most american politics incl. Obama are usully talk – this babushka speech definitely contains to much sense.
    So it could appear that for Obama and others it can be hard to understand something more than senseless abstract about nothing blab they are used to.

    Maybe… next time babushka may try to add some “f$%ck” and “b$%ch” words into the sentences, talk that with rap rythms on scene in show-like manner (muhahah) to make her speech more understanable for Obamushka …. or make her speech more long diluting it with some abstarct terms like “democracy”, “freedom”, “leadership”, “economics grow”, “crisis resitance” etc. to provide more time for Obamushka to digest the info he hears. ROLF )

    Just kidding.

    Actually very nice positive post. Thx Steeve. )

  3. lol who set this up and wrote the script? Well, for sure Russia does propaganda differently to the US and always has. On the other side, many good points are made in this video. I have to say though, at no point do I think Obama will actually go to war in the Ukraine. of course, i mean with American soldiers because he’s already there with support money and weapons. I do wonder how much of it is actually his direction compared to various interest groups and the men who really ‘run the world’ if you will.

    1. Be careful, he portrayed that way but I’m not sure that’s who he is. The media can be very tough on the man. I suspect that he’s very protective of his country as he should be. If anything he’s a world class leader.

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