Some misconceptions about Russia and Russians.

10. All Russians are communists.


Russia had a communist government when it became part of the Soviet Union in 1922.  But it wasn’t a communist state before that and it hasn’t been since the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991.  In fact, the Russian government was occasionally criticized in the 1990s for having too few regulations on business.

This one’s particularly unfortunate because it involves a lot of leftover Cold War animosity.  Most Russians today are democracy-loving people, and some even advocate for a restoration of the Russian monarchy.  Very few modern Russians would identify themselves as communists.

9. All Russian women are fat.


see for yourself, this gal is a mom among other things.

 Russian ladies were often portrayed as large women in political cartoons.  Obviously, every woman can’t look as beautiful as the lady above, but  when it comes to being fat Russia is about the same as rest of Europe when it comes to obesity.

8. All Russian women are gold-diggers.


This one came from the Russian mail-order bride fad of the 1990s.  This misconception is wrong in the sense that it is a blatant generalization.  Of course, Russian “gold-diggers” do exist, but in no higher of a ratio than any other ethnicity or nationality. Personally I think there are more Gold Diggers in the states then in Russia, but then it’s just my opinion.

7. All Russians are stoic and cold.


When I first came to Russia I noticed that very few Russians smiled. It took a while to understand, if you look at Russian history you might have a better understanding but for here and now we will look elsewhere.  Russians, like some other Europeans, usually smile only when they have a reason to. They don’t run around with plastic smiles on their faces, but once you get to know them they are deeply warm and actually smile a lot. Thinking about it smiling here is a private thing shared with friends, family, and those they are close to, find one and you will understand.

6.Russians dislike heat because

Russia always bone-chilling.

freezing weather

Some parts of Russia are cold.  Really cold.  But Russia is the largest country in the world by landmass, so it has varying climates. Moscow’s climate is similar to that of Toronto, and there are cities like Sochi that rarely experience a day under 45 degrees, even in the dead of winter. I know for a fact that Ely, Minnesota is a darn lot colder then it ever gets here. And the summertime which we are currently in well, Las Vegas heat is much hotter. But like most everybody else they don’t like hot weather, must be the reason many escape to their Dasha’s to keep cool.

5. All Russians are alcoholics.


Russians do drink a lot of alcohol, but it certainly doesn’t make all of them alcoholics.  Like the rest of Europe, Russians generally start drinking when they are young and build up a strong immunity.  Also, vodka has become somewhat of a cultural staple and is considered to be the best thing to warm oneself up with in the winter. But as we can see these guys aren’t having a hard time staying warm. Many nights from our window we will hear our quartets singing and enjoying themselves, it is definitely a favorite pastime. But to say all Russians drink, I think Americans could give them a run for their money.

4. Everyone who speaks Russian is Russian.


Russia has exercised a lot of influence over its neighbors throughout the centuries.  For that reason, Russian is the fourth most spoken language in the world by total number of speakers, according to the Summer Institute of Linguistics.

Russian is the co-official language of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, and is still widely spoken in most of the former Soviet Republics.  In fact, Russian has almost as many speakers as a secondary language as it does native speakers.  So clearly, not every person who speaks Russian is Russian.

3. Russians don’t have an Freedom


Russia is a lot freer than it used to be, it still has a way to go. But then the definition of Freedom needs to come into play. Allowing all kinds of debauchery isn’t really freedom. It’s bondage!

2. Russia is America’s Biggest Threat


Wow. Looking at the pictures above I’d say that Russia is the least of America’s worries. Looks like all the debt that’s piling up could be the biggest threat.

1. Bears Roam the Streets of Russia


So, okay one misconception is true, What can I say?

20 thoughts on “Some misconceptions about Russia and Russians.

    1. When I came to your blog, it reminded me of my domestic travels and a few of the times I made the “oops”, the funniest was when I went to Hawaii. It’s a long story which I won’t share right now, but it reminded me of Chevy Chase’s vacation. It’s one that I’ll never forget.

  1. I like Russian women. Russian women are the most stunning women on this planet. There are no ugly Russian women, you know? I mean, Russian women are tall and in excellent shape.

  2. I am glad you can shed a little light on the non-smiling part of the culture. My other half’s niece was adopted from the Ukraine as a teenager – she is definitely not a frequent smiler – which can’t do her any favors in her fast-food and retail jobs in California. Oh well….

    1. You’re welcome, If you looked @ #2 on the list it’s a good reason not to smile being that America is suffering because of the run away spending of the American government.

  3. Other people may not care, but I have students that may be viewing my blog. It would be totally inappropriate to show nudity like this. Thanks for understanding. I sent it to span.

  4. I don`t really care what you think about russian women. Because I don`t think about you men from USA. I like men from Russia and Germany. In my opinion they are more handsome.

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