One Nation Under Obama


  Soviet-like government under Obama  diminishes US influence on the international arena, Washington Times author Todd Wood writes.

The policy of the Obama administration — be it the Iran Nuclear Deal or withdrawal of troops from the Middle East or an artificial fight with ISIL — is just aimed at weakening US international influence. Obama doesn’t love America, Wood believes, and his forecast for the country’s future is quite gloomy.

“America will never be great again until we regain this focus, this passion, this love of freedom, and the will to spread it, support it, nurture it overseas,” he wrote.

Wood compared Obama’s policy with communism which, as he expressed it, is a way of controlling people, “killed the human spirit” and “turned people into slaves of Big Brother.” Much like radical Islam, which is “not a religion but a political movement”.

The exact same approach lies at the heart of current liberal policy in the US, Wood wrote, and this is what’s happening in America under Obama’s presidency.

“It is quite obvious Mr. Obama is a communist at heart, and a Muslim,” the journalist wrote. “His agenda fits quite nicely with the radical Islamist agenda worldwide.”

Even ex-president George W. Bush, despite all his mistakes, was at least a principled man, Wood suggests, as he stood for freedom, just like his predecessors.

“Now the communists… are here among us. They are attempting to change America, our way of life,” Wood stated. “Yes, I am talking, sadly to say, about the Democratic Party and all it represents. They no longer represent the America I knew. They see a different future, one controlled by an elite, one which will enjoy communism while the rest of us abide by their politically correct dictates.”

The columnist added that corruption also thrives under Obama, even expanding to the Internal Revenue, Secret Service and Environmental agency, which followed the example of those in power.

“Help me, my fellow Americans, before it’s too late. Let’s stop this change and elect a leader who will stand up for freedom in 2016. I want my country back,” Wood concluded.

Comments: Radical was added for emphasis – some sects of Islam are moderate in nature and don’t politicize an agenda of hatred.

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5 thoughts on “One Nation Under Obama

  1. Living in Spain which has been ruled by the Socialist Party for most of our young democracy, I have no doubt that Obama is a Socialist (don´t know about Islam, but I do seculate that he might very well be a muslim or at least he empathasis more with that religión), but I don´t speculate about him being a socialist since his policies, his actions, are exactly the same as the one the Socialist Party had in place and still have here in Spain. And we are broke. Plus it creates what I call “a parasite society” since slowly but surely the government is handing out things to people, help for housing, help for unemployment for years and years ,which people take the unemployment check and then it´s the norm not the exception to have other jobs which are paid in “black” as we call it, which means neither your employer nor you declare any income to the IRS, plus the jobs you can get here don´t pay much more than the unemployment check so what´s the incentive for people to go out and find a job. And I can continue with all the government handouts for people, so eventually you do créate a society where people are constantly looking up to the government to solve their problems. And that is exactly how the socialist want it, because obviously it is how they stay in power. And Obama says and does, exactly the same as the socialist here in Spain. He even said himself he was going to radically change America, and I beleive most of the U.S public after the cowboy Bush(which I agree and disagree but at lest he stood for the overall principles of the U.S) administration, that this new young senator Obama was going to change the policies of Bush, but never realised to the extent he would really change America. And he has done quite a remarkable job in changing the U.S in only 8 years. It is not the country I was living in. He´s the trojan horse.

  2. Sorry guys, but this is bullshit but not socialism.

    As i said many times before, The West usually lose the common sense in everything it does:
    nationalism – nazism, racism, fashism;
    democracy – coproratocracy;
    gedner equality – feminism;
    human rights – destruction of traditional values and perverting of the society(lgbt);
    child care – juvenile justice;
    capitalism – global neocoloniasm and personal fiancial neo-slavery;
    laws implementing – idiotocracy….
    socialism – wild most digusting liberalism

    and so on…

    Also it is very common for the west to twist and substitute the meaning of wods and terms.

    Such claims as the name of this article provoke only laugh in any well educated person and esp. in those ones who lived in the soviet system before and know it from inside.
    The same goes to those populistic authors who use such claim as “Obama is soviet socialist” or “Obamas and neo-communists turning the US into USSR” in their articles. … the same way they could use “Boo!” or “Obama is new Hitler” – actually the intellectual and emotional “target” of these and those claims are the same.
    And this is showing how desperate the US really is in matter of ppl’s intellect today.

    For well educated and smart ppl those authors just look pathetic, silly and disgusting b\c or they are very stupid or they are very low and base\mean to the level they wilfully are using the american stupidity of mass and appeling to it.

    Moreover by such claims they are just insuting the mind of inteligent ppl.

    Obama and his admisitration (who don’t make any decisions infact) and whole political and sosiety system of US
    have so many common with real socilism as General Secretary of the Communist Party of Kampuchea Pol Pot in Cambodia had with real Communism or as CNN\BBC\FOX\WP\NT has with real journalism.

    It is never stoping to amase me how brainwashed the westerners are No wunder that they are so easely can be manipulated.

  3. charlypriest,

    seriously man…, read my two last sentences in previous comment and go visit some doctor.

    Unfortunately b\c of ppl like you Spain is so fucked up so many times in history and till this day.
    About what F@#ing socialism you are talking if you even don’t have a free emer. medical help?
    ah… i even will not continute b\c it is useless to talk to you after what you have wrote about Spain and “socialism”.
    Here is only doctor can help or maybe inprisoning in some library for a few years.

  4. Short profile of Mr. Wood
    L. Todd Wood, a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, flew special operations helicopters supporting SEAL Team 6, Delta Force and others. After leaving the military, he pursued his other passion, finance, spending 18 years on Wall Street trading emerging market debt, and later, writing. The first of his many thrillers is “Currency.” Todd is a contributor to Fox Business, Moscow Times, the New York Post, the National Review, Zero Hedge and others, and he is a foreign correspondent for Newsmax TV.

    omfg….i thought that at least Zero Hedge might be considered as normal press\media …but it seems no… – the same trash as Alex Jones probably speculating on some ovious truth facts mixing them with tons of trash.
    Guys just making money in other way than FOX.

    p.s. It is interesting that english doesn’t have such term as “Zdraviy smisl”. In english it is “common sense”.. What means literealy: common – i.e. mutual\public sense.
    In russian it literealy means – “HEALTHY” or rather “HELTHYMIND” (from “Zdravomislie” – healthythinking) sense.
    Feel the difference! 😉

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