The Help Sign read – Guest Bloggers Wanted

guest bloggers welcome

Guest Bloggers Wanted

Sometimes it takes backing up a bit and working things out, fine tuning, adjusting and learning a whole new way of putting together a blog. I’m sure many of you who have been faithful readers have noticed the changes that have developed here at “Life in Russia”.

I felt after blogging now for over two years that the blog needed some revamping, making it easier to access posts, and a look that just feels a lot more comfortable. We’ve all heard it said, If you build it they will come. I’m hoping this is true. Read somewhere recently about blogs that have high stats, but low readership, and that what’s being said on the blog just isn’t attracting its readers like it should. I really hope you all are enjoying the posts here at “Life in Russia”.

Therefore I’m hoping that those of you who are interested, I’m putting up a sign – “Looking for Guest Bloggers”, see this blog is about culture, about bringing together those of like mind and sharing viewpoints. Drawing countries closer, not splitting them apart. But none of this can happen without discourse, so I’d urge anyone who’s interested in sharing their thoughts on the subject, I’m very open to sharing my platform.

Anyone who does I will create a page under “Guest Bloggers” so everyone will be able to find you, your post, and your blog.  Thanks for all your support as I continue to improve “Life in Russia”.

Rules for posts:

  1. The post should be oriented towards building bridges between countries.
  2. If you are an author I urge you to tie your book into the post.
  3. Please investigate the “Guest Blogger” page to see what other blogger have done.
  4. If you are an Expat please share about your new country and country of origin.
  5. Travel Bloggers are welcome to share about destinations they have traveled as long as they are promoting the cultural aspects within the post.
  6. Have lots of fun, it’s a must.

If you are interested in doing a guest post contact me through my “about me” page. Thanks.

22 thoughts on “The Help Sign read – Guest Bloggers Wanted

  1. Hi Steve,
    Have you considered reblogging from someone else’s site? I have a song I wrote about a restaurant in Moscow. When I come up with a video for it you’re welcome to reblog it. Infact you’re welcome to reblog anthing from my site.

      1. This is the link to my latest Youtube video. You are welcome to use any of my videos and maybe there is a way you can access the web site from there.

      1. I need to think it through, but I feel that there is something I would like to write about being an ex pat…. I haven’t visited Russia, although would enjoy doing so some day, but I have been an ex pat..and understand what that implies…..Have a lovely day…janet.

      2. Janet this is exactly what I’m talking about. Enriching others with our own experiences living abroad. America in a lot of ways is isolated from the rest of the world. Please contact me, scroll down and click on the picture that’s below where it says “About Me” on the right hand side, you can send me message from there. Thanks

    1. A place where people can share their cultural experiences so others can read and see what it’s like in a different country, or like myself I spent a summer with the Navajo people and at a different time I lived with the Crow people. It changed my perspective about life, if it did it to me than it can help others. Agreed?

    1. Well I think what you blog about fits right in, it’s about sharing cultural differences, teaching our kids a world education and more. So if you are interested I’d love to have you as a guest blogger.

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