TheTear and A Smile – A Story about Humanity

I wanted to relate a story of something I witnessed yesterday. It’s a story that warmed my heart, hopefully it will do the same thing for you.


I was sitting at the bus-stop where I usually switch buses to get to work when this incidence occurred. Out of the underground walkway I noticed a young gal coming up the stairs wiping away tears. It was a bit startling, to help you understand, in Russia this is an uncommon event. People generally don’t cry in public, it’s kind of an unwritten rule. I felt concerned but was aware that I couldn’t do much about it. It was something that more than likely she would go through alone, or so I thought. My mind drifted off to other things .


When I entered the bus and had sat down I looked across to the other side and there she was again. I could tell she was doing everything she could to hold back the flood of tears that were contained in her troubled heart.

This is when a young man made the conscious decision to sit down next to her. By this time our bus was moving on to its next stop. With the same concern I had and probably others who were witnessing this the young man introduced himself to the young woman. As her looked at her I could see that he understood just how deeply hurt she was, he launched into a story. I wish I could tell you what he was saying but I wasn’t close enough nor is my Russian all that hot to tell you what was spoken.

But what I did hear was his introducing of himself to her and then asking her, her name. His story proceeded, and she began to smile slightly even though the pain could still be seen. So this young man who I now knew as Marat continued with his story, and his audience watched.


At the next bus-stop she alerted him that this was her stop, he gave way to her exiting her seat as she headed for the door. I thought this was the end of the story, but I was wrong. While she was waiting for the doors to open he called out her name, she glanced at him. Then with both of his hands and index fingers he rose them to his face and created a smile. I didn’t see hers but I sure she smiled back.

I sat there with such a wonderful feeling. I think we sometime forget that smiling can truly change someones day, and this was living proof . We either just aren’t watching closely enough or aren’t there for those who need us when they’re down.

Either way the bus moved on to it’s next destination and life went on.


7 thoughts on “TheTear and A Smile – A Story about Humanity

  1. Life has a habit of moving on, whether we want it to or not. It’s a good feeling to be able to help someone, if just briefly, ease any pain they may be in, to see the turmoil in their eyes soften just a bit, and then to see a smile before parting ways. I just wish more people enjoyed feelings like that.

  2. Good story. Normal man can’t calmy look at crying girl.

    Some song which could reflect somehow the situation\gal’s mood:

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