A “Teardrop” shed in Remembrance of – 9/11 – A Gift from Russia


Tear of Grief

This morning while scrolling through picture after picture on Facebook, I contemplated, where was I on that fateful day.

On Sept. 9th, 2001 I remember stepping out of my apartment to an eerie quietness, there wasn’t a plane in the sky nor a bird chirping. It was completely silent!

A neighbor stuck her head out of her door, Did you hear what happened, as I was getting ready to open the door to my car.

My reply, no what’s going on (in my mind I knew something terrible happened).

She invited me into her apartment, she had her TV on with a commentator talking about what had just taken place at the twin towers. Her and I stood there with tears in our eyes struggling to understand what had happened.

America had just been attacked. The world would never be the same!


Who would Respond

Years have passed and we have all asked when a memorial would be erected? How would Americans respond to this tragic event. Today I found out that a memorial was placed in New York in 2006 to honor all those who had lost their lives during the attacks. What surprised me is who created this, and why. Here’s the story.

From Wikipedia:

To the Struggle Against World Terrorism (also known as the Tear of Grief and the Tear Drop Memorial) is a 10–story sculpture by Zurab Tsereteli that was given to the United States as an official gift of the Russian government as a memorial to the victims of the September 11 attacks and the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. It stands at the end of the former Military Ocean Terminal in Bayonne, New Jersey, and was dedicated on September 11, 2006, in a ceremony attended by former U.S. President Bill Clinton and then–President of Russia Vladimir Putin. See more here.


An Answer to the Tears

So out of curiosity, why hasn’t this memorial been in the news?

About 50 million people visit New York every year & more than 8 million live there but no one seems to have heard of The Teardrop…. yet it’s a 100 ft tall, 175-ton memorial to those who died on the city’s blackest day. See more here.

Sadly, but most certainly it’s a game of politics that has kept it from the eyes of the general public. What most American don’t know is that millions of people across the world shed tears as well, many of them were Russians. This was their answer to those tears.

May everyone, no matter where you are from, what political party you stand with, race, color, or anything else that might separate us as people let this memorial be the one thing that unites us together in the fight against world terrorism.

45 thoughts on “A “Teardrop” shed in Remembrance of – 9/11 – A Gift from Russia

  1. Your post was eye opening. Why have I not heard of this before? And why is it in NJ? What a beautiful monument. It’s proof of how interconnected the world has become. NYC made a temporary monument at the site after 9/11. It recreated the towers with light. That’s the monument I remember best, although there is another, newer monument at the site now. I also remember American flags going up everywhere, on every house, window, car, storefront.

    1. Sadly, until now that some are finding out the monument has been left in the dark. It is proof that Russians really do care. Honestly they aren’t warmonger, you would be surprised. I have been. If you bring up “war” in a conversation here, they become very quiet. They are very surprised that Americans are so quick to go to war, to be frank I think they have more to fear from America. Trust me, none of the people I’ve meet here want a war with the U.S., they love America and it’s people.

      1. Where I live, we have a Russian market, and they are warm lovely people (staff and customers). I don’t fear Russia or Russians. I fear politicians and CEOs. And sociopaths and psychopaths. People with no remorse, endless greed and power to act. Not that all politicians and CEOs are necessarily evil, but many have done evil. And more will.

      2. RE:[they love America and it’s people]

        Cmon… Steeve, you are stretching the truth. 🙂

        Most russian really don’t like America(US).
        *** That does NOT mean that they want any harm to it. ***

        They just want that Murica leave them alone and stoped to put their nose into russians businesses and stoped shiting in every corner around Russia and stopped all proxy attacks on it (international, business, diplomatic, millitary, propaganda\info and so on).

        They want Murica to mantain its own troubles.

        And the same way most of them don’t like Americans(particulary anglo-saxons – i.e. Brits too) for their metality\culture and espesially for their history and historical activity (including the one against Russia).

        *** And once again that does NOT mean that they hate them or want any harm to them. ***

        They don’t want them to be the enemy neither they don’t want them as a friends.
        They just want to be leaved alone in peace and calm by US\UK empire.

      3. Student will not tell their american teacher that they don’t like amricans.

        I thought that such things should be clear for you already.
        It is matter of respect. For teachers\school\univer workers etc.. they are respected by students for their work independent on their origin. So they will not tell you the truth.

        Additonally youth young students (which are younger than americans) are not completely wise at that age. Ask ppl near 30.

        In Japan for example ppl will not say anything negative at all to anybody.

        Want to know real situation – ask you wife to make a poll os ppl at streets for example.

      4. Addtional factor is your region. There are a lot Tatars there… and they by far are not such plain and direct as russian aryans.
        They are far more tricky folks… with some kind of more estern wise approach. They choose what to say , when and to whom with much more attantion than usuall russians. He-he.. 😉

      5. RE:[They are very surprised that Americans are so quick to go to war, to be frank I think they have more to fear from America.]

        Yes, in this regard you are right. Russians don’t want any war. And they are by far more peacful ppl than americans.
        Russians just rememebr what is war.
        Americans don’t realise what it really is b\c too long time there were no any wars at american soil. If there would be at least one in the nearest past then americans propably would be also more peacful nation… however it is not a fact and i might be wrong.

      6. RE:[They are definitely an intelligent bunch.]

        Yup. I would say more tricky..not such simple and so soul open.
        Usual russians (aryans) should learn more from them. And they actually are learning.
        I noticed the begin of development of some social verification algorithm.. i.e. like distinction of friendly\relative one and alien one ppl. Ones to whom you can be open and one to whom you can not be.

        And it is good. There is no USSR now unfortunately… now we have to deal with west and east (China, Japana, Korea) and all of them are far from being very open and sincere.

      7. I’ve dealt with business men from the far-east – please don’t ask me to much more than the fact that they are mostly a much of _ss_oles. Extremely crafty and sneaky to boot.

    2. Ha-ha )))
      Not suprising at all considering the fact that they deal there (at far east) a lot with China, Japan and Korea. To live with wolfes one should become one of them.

      Also important thing if he knew that you a foreigner (it also maybe be that algorithm i talked about).

      West didn’t liked communist Russia and helped to ruin it. Now Russia will show it capitalism. lol
      Already showing.. what make the west nervous a lot. ) Those guys should clarify themself… communistic Russia they didn’t like, capitalistic Russia they don’t like even more.

      What the damn they want? rolf )))

      1. Oh they sure will, I’m currently in the process of editing a business book for one of the professors at the college, they are precise and excellent business men. Love working with them.

      1. You have great taste in scenery and represent Russia extremely well in your blog. I learn a lot from your posts and thank you for letting me know about the picture too.

  2. Conspiracy therorists claim we are still going to have a third world war with Russia, yet plenty of Russian s live in America… They make lots of far out claims though… LOL

  3. Pha-ha-ha.. folks, you definitely will apreciate this:

    “USA Should Join Forces with Al-Qaeda to Defeat ISIS” – David Petraeus – former US Army General – one of the most “glorious” and “triumphant” one (with exper. in IRAQ, Afganistan etc..)

    Em… i suggest that they should subscribe an official cooperation agreement with Al-Qaeda exactly at 9/11 of year – afterall that is very symbolic data of their mutual trusted win-win colaraboration for so many years already. 😀

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