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It’s All For A Gas Line, Stupid!

News from TTOS (The Tubularsock Observation Satellite) which Tubularsock purchased from Radio Shack has just reported back from “somewhere over Syria” that the Russians have increased their presence in that area.

Now of course this move is for humanitarian purposes to attack ISIS just like the U.S., Turkey, and the Saudis. Wow, that ISIS must be some formidable force!

Side note: Russia is the only country out of the four that hasn’t financially assisted and provided guns, bombs, supplies and training to ISIS ………. Stop and think about this …. no really, think about this! Does that seem a little counter productive? So why is that?

The Assad Government is reaching a tipping point due to fighting a three front war against forces that want to overthrow the Syrian government. And Russia has substantially attempted to support Assad but from a distance.

The facts…

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21 thoughts on “IT’S ALL FOR A GAS LINE, STUPID!

  1. Actually truth, but not complete.
    There are lot of geopolitical targets in Syria (including economical, millitartary, Iran related, China related, Afgan related, Turkey related, Saudi related, mid. sea related, Russia related and others). Not only gas. Maybe i will write in details some later. Also there are more than one state(or empire – US\UK) who taking serious part in all than mess.

    I’m afraid that soon we may see some conflict in central-south america b\c of Nicaragua “uncompfortable” project. However maybe they will afraid to interact with china and Russia directly there…who know.. Those warmorgers are prety limitless lunatics so all may happen…

    p.s. Turkey is attaking Kurds with their Turkish aviation. While the kurds are those very few who are fighting ISIS in the region by their own.

    1. Generally it is very funny situation when the whole “demo(c)ratic” world fighting ISIS so hard that can’t destroy f#$#ing silly 30 000 of their rebbels.

      Folks, for any modern millitary … 30 000 of rebbels on donkeys and cammels with some AKs and Stingers – is nothing. They literally can be exterminated in one week – all of them.

      This all is just theatre of absurds for idiots who are buying the tikets. 🙂

      1. Exist one not good prophecy about situation in Syria, but “not good” for a world – not for Syria exactly. The prophecy of one very famous and respected old blin lady from Bulgaria – Vanga.

  2. i think we can posterise and theorise over what exactly is going on, but to know the real reasons – well that aint going to happen. There’s a game being played behind closed doors and as it has been for thousands of years, those in the middle east pay for it with their lives. To say that the game being played is simply to piss off Russia and stop a pipeline is ridiculous, although that may be a deliberate consequence but when you go back a few years the whole situation that people have basically ignored until the last month actually stems from a bunch of bankers very possibly deliberately manufacturing a financial situation that has crippled the world. And to what end? Well they know, we guess.

    1. RE:[To say that the game being played is simply to piss off Russia and stop a pipeline is ridiculous, although that may be a deliberate consequence but when you go back a few years the whole situation that people have basically ignored until the last month]

      Actually if you skip all the interim targets untite all the activity of US in world the very final goal is really to piss off (or ideally destroy) Russia.

      Those bastards want to control the world. Exist few power centers in the world who are unruly and don’t want to be colonies under external managment.
      It is not Africa (they would sell each other the same way like few centuries ago), not pussy Europe (who will be whoring as always in their history), not Canada and Austrilia (who are recognized colonies of the Empire) and not South America (who would start to kill each other very easely), not India (whoes elite can be bribed as always).

      It is – Russia, China and Iran.

      And only Russia is a reall serious obstacle for The Empire to get it goals for control\use the world.

      Without Russia they can easely put down the China and eat Iran alive. And Iran and China undertand that after Russia very soon they are next ones.

      Syria now is a key to so-called interim or pre-“heartland” – whole middle-east.

      And yes, you r right that situation with refugees is over PR-ed last monthes. Actually nothing new happend. In Europe is around of 160 000 of them. Is it so big amount? Cmon… Amount of ukranian refugees in Russia is about 1 million and nobody whines.
      All this panic is connected to increased russian activity in Syria in matter of tech support and arm supply. You see, Turkey for example claim that they are attacking ISIS from the air, but infact it attacks local Kurds who fighting ISIS on the ground for real.
      The same tactics use the west and Israel – they claim that they are going to air bomb the ISIS but often attack Assads positions, bases , arm stocks etc…

      p\s\ Pipeline for iranian and middle asian gas is pretty important as one of those interim targets. The empire needs to cut of Europe from uncontrolable gas on oil flows…or put such flow under full control. Otherwise all that theatre with TTP agreement becoming useless or far less useful for The Empire. They need donor market to survive(i.e. to eat somebody) ..or… – the war.

      For Russia itself gas and oil on europenian direction is not the question of survival b\c whole gas and oil export is only 16% from all export income. Also as you know Russia is entering asian gas and oil market to diversify the markets.

      1. Hm…. in such there is a rise of another question “who you consider as governments”. Actually those about whom you are talking are government in westerrn Europe more than 400 years and in more thna 200 years in US. It is how their govern. and sosciety systems works – so-called democracy.

        So i see no any ground reasons to separate those ppl from the governmnet. All folks as in europe as in us know how the system work, know about existence of lobbism, know that Obumer and Camerron are just dolls, know everything.

        If you are talking about some kind real conspiracy thories like …you know … universal evil, aliens, replitoids, David “Eeeek” ), and so on – then yes, i difinitelly didn’t get it b\c it is not of mine consideration. 🙂

        For me all is simpler – bunch of sociopathic bastards with serious psyhological and sexual deviations (as result of satiety), who maniacaly greedy for money(in wider sence – sources, actives, lands and so on) and power (and as result – overall control).

  3. Steeve, don’t you want to make a post about russian annual airshow MAKS 2015 what was take place a week ago aprox (under sanctions btw he-he)?
    There are lot of interesting for ppl . Esp. videos as always )

    Another pretty interesting subject for a new post is a Chinese military parade.

      1. The third candidate for new interesting post is The Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) which took place in Vladivostok at 3-5th of September.

      2. Btw … damn… i found how many gold diggers from the west appeared now near Russia and new western “lovers” or “sympathizer” of all russian or even “semi-russian” “descendants” (Pamella lol)…

        All these hypocrisy is so damn disgusting… Jesus.
        I mean … all of them are not simple ppl… not usual, not poor…i think that they even don’t understand their own hypo and silly actions and don’t undestand that many russians also see that… some of those pretty famous ppl even abase oneself (Roy Jones)…
        It is even not only disgusting…. it provokes contempt\disdain to them and their culture as to honorless\low one.

        Did you noticed that trend?

        F#$k where all of them been 7-10 years ago? Bucky whores…

        From all of them maybe only Monson might be respected as he is some kind of real dissident and as result his desire to get citizenship and some ffeling to Russia might be real and sincere in this regard.

        p.s. sorry for offtop it is just EEF with silly Pamella make me remember this disturbing subject.

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