Who said these words, can you guess?


So I’m reading a very interesting book about Russia. The writer was an Englishman, can you guess who it is? As you read this following paragraph look at the similarities to today. The writing took place in 1914 or maybe a little there after, so almost 100 years ago, almost sounds cyclical doesn’t it? So who wrote this? Can you tell me?I bet you will be surprised when you find out.


Who is this mystery writer?

And this spectacle of misery and ebbing energy is, you will say, the result of Bolshevist rule! I do not believe it is. I will deal with the Bolshevist Government when I have painted the general scenery of our problem. But let me say here that this desolate Russia is not a system that has been attacked and destroyed by something vigorous and malignant. It is an unsound system that has worked itself out and fallen down. It was not communism which built up these great, impossible cities, but capitalism. It was not communism that plunged this huge, creaking, bankrupt empire into six years of exhausting war. It was European imperialism. Nor is it communism that has pestered this suffering and perhaps dying Russia with a series of subsidized raids, invasions, and insurrections, and inflicted upon it an atrocious blockade. The vindictive French creditor, the journalistic British oaf, are far more responsible for these deathbed miseries than any communist.


8 thoughts on “Who said these words, can you guess?

    1. My point with this post was and is to show that Russia isn’t the enemy. European Imperialism (EU) and US government are more a threat than anything else. Why they believe Russia is such a threat I’ll cover in another post hopefully soon.

      1. There are a ot of people who realize that, but you know the powers that be have to raise the fear factor. There has to be an enemy behind all the bad things that are happening. A lot of us see that it is the those very same powers that are behind those bad things.

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