The Cold Door of Despair


The Cold Door of Despair

Silently she stood at the cold door of despair

 Hearing her plea would they possibly care

Within the laughter it seemed so near

 Standing silently,

tattered garments fluttering in the breeze

None would know as she fell to her knees

 She watched intently through tear streaked eyes

What she heard truly had to have been lies

None would leave her out in the cold

At least this is what she had been told

To her utter dismay

In the cold she was left to stay


26 thoughts on “The Cold Door of Despair

  1. Oh my – the words and image are amazing….and I want to take this child and hold her and give her the love she deserves….but of course the awfulness of humankind is that there are so many more just like her….Thank you for waking me up out of my comfortable sleep….

    1. Oh, really?

      Then why wouldn’t you took some banner like “Help refugees and save children!” and organize some protest???

      It is you Brits with Muricans who main ones who created the mess in Syria, Lybia, Iraq, whole Northen Africa, created ISIS and still financing and arm supporting them.

      And now UK is refusing to take them and give them shelter!

      And i see not any protests… no any moral, spiritual british sympathizer people on the streets.

      Do you know why?


      Pretty much the same goes to whole europe. Many coutries of NATO took part in destruction of those regions.
      All in Europe knows who financing rebels in Syria and ISIS… but don’t speak about that.. b\c it is taboo… and b\c all of them are whores… were whores all their history, still are whores and will remain whores in future.

      Westerners don’t undestand anything except rude force and financial punishment. If westerners would be exterminated on any foreign land they offend or if they would start to loosing money – they immidiately will become peaceful, highly moral, ethical and spiritual… You will see huge demonstarions against war and for peace on the streets and son.
      Remember Vietnam and all that movement against war in US?
      I swear you that if vietnamesse ppl would extreminate almost all first muricans on Vietnam land in the begining the protests in US would appeared MUCH earlier!

      Hypocritical coward low honourless Motherf$%rs! :E

      Agrrr.. this is damn disgusting!

  2. It brings home to me those words from the bible .” Suffer the little children” Let us hope now will be the time for that to change. These sad children need to see a smile along the miles they must travel to a place called home

      1. Sad, but true. Reading your blog as I write this, actually your “about me” page, interesting! I’ve been in Russia for going on 4 years off and on. Three actually here, the first year back and forth from the states. . We also spent a couple of weeks in Abkhazia, this summer, beautiful place. Anyway, glad I found your blog. Hope you enjoy mine.

      2. RE:[Saudi Arabia and UAE have closed their doors to Syrian refugees]

        Nothing unexpected considering that that SAudi Arabia , AUE, Qatar and partially Turkey are financing ISIS and Al-Nusra together with US and UK. They also played their roles in IRAQ and Lybia destruction.

        Saudi Arabia are pure desrert jackal, coward shaitans and together with Turkey are western chain dogs. Allah will pay them both sooner or later.

        They historicaly are Shame of Islamic and Turkic (Turkey) world.

  3. Nobody reall y give a f#$k and most of you who wrote above.
    Stop to decept youself – it makes you better, but rather undresses your hypocrisy.

    And i’m using now very polite words and not very hurtful arguments and facts. However most of you deserve hear from someone direct words with calling all things by their names.
    Life\Karma is usually fix that.

      1. ive started work on your questions. i will get to them I promise I worked 60 hours last week and doing all these split shifts. But I’ll get there hopefully by monday next week i have a little more time on my hands from now til tuesday. then it’s madness again!

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