Quietly Waiting in Silence


Quietly Waiting in Silence

Sitting at the doorsteps I heard three little knocks.

The first one says: May I have shelter?


The second one said: I’m hungry, will you feed me?


The third on asked asked: Will I be free here?


As quietly as they all knocked so did the closing of

the golden door.


And they were all forgotten


16 thoughts on “Quietly Waiting in Silence

    1. My heart has been broken for those who are currently seeking shelter, where shall they go, who will comfort them. Have we become so cold that we no longer hear the cries of little children. It was written to offend the heart of man.

      1. Yes it is a criminality that we shall we paying for for long to come. Is this to be the tone of this new century? If any good is to come from this then we will have to work hard for it.

      1. I agree entirely. I’ve been commenting and sharing on the issue on my Facebook page a lot and been quite appalled by the attitude from many. People’s hearts have turned to stone…

      2. Guys, i’m just currious.
        Can you tell me when things were different?
        And why do you think so(that situation was serioulsy different in a core) … if you can name such a period of time.

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