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It will not be your vote nor mine

That will save America this time

What She truly lacks

Is what America needs to take it back

Morals, values, and humility should be at hand

If America really wants to take back it’s land


19 thoughts on “Humility

  1. I think the leaders in US need to review and obey the Declarataion of Independence and the leaders of Canada need to review and obey the Charter of Rights and Freedom.

    1. Dunno in details how things go in Canada, but in US so-called leaders are not leaders but managers (by function most closely related to PR\press-managers) of coporation called US.
      I don’t think that real owners and stockholders of it interested in things like this – this is the first moment.

      The second one is that even such step will not solve 80% of many serious US troubles and malfunctions. Without complete rebuilding of “the state” from the corp to the real state, complete rebuilding of the society on many levels and property redistribution – nothing serious will be solved.

      Imo… but i might be narrow minded and stupid in matter of deep internal US situation and undercarpet “ecosystem”, so don’t take my throughts on this subject very seriously. )

      1. First of all they have to stop the miltarization of the police and the persecution of the Afro Americans. You are right, though, they need a total reorganization of the system as do we in Canada.

  2. > First of all they have to stop the miltarization of the police

    They some some kind of “closed disk” situation. If they will stop they wiil get the social expolsion b\c huga tansions in the society of various nature.
    If they will continue they will get the police state in much bigger social explosion in futute.

    > and the persecution of the Afro Americans.

    Imo that is very comlicated subject. AfroAmericans also are far from saint. Both sides somehow worth each other. Honestly i don’t know how they will fix that.
    Addtionally this problem is probably only one from approx. 10-15 very serious ones.

    All this will be complicated with time by lowering of life level b\c US will continue to lose its neo-colonies, what will be increasing all those social tensions and core problems.

    From there it looks that Canada don’t have such big amount of troubles. However as i said i know far less about situation in Canada. But that fact that its population is comparably quite small is already a serious advantage in sovling many troubles.

    p.s. There is data exist that some top US moneysacks started to move the capitals out of the US and began buy to property and huge lands in South America, particulary in Argentina.
    It is symbolic somehow, that they choose the same country what was been choosen by German Nazies to hide after WWII.

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