An Answer to “Shutting Down a Lemonade Stand”


Sometimes I’m just amazed and perplexed by the news I hear coming out of the States today. I read a post on “What In the World is Going On’s” blog – It was a post about Jerry Seinfeld’s Son having his Lemonade Stand shut down. Read it here. This was my response to such a ridiculous act.


Lock Them Up and Throw Away the Key

Kids are such criminals, they should be locked up and the key thrown away. The absolute bad behavior of these children was despicable, how dare they think they have any right to raise money for such a terrible charity. People should never be put out to help others in need. It’s horrible!


American Selfishness

Not really, but it amazes me just how far America has gone towards selfishness and disallowing the very thing that used to make America what it “was”. When people are desperate and need to feed their families, when young kids want to learn how capitalism works, how is it that society has decided they are criminals?


What ever happened to sensibility?

I personally believe the very thing that used to make America strong is being ripped away from it, “the ability to make choices”, they have been regulated away by the government. When Americans need to fear the very thing that is supposed to protect them, something is very wrong! What ever happened to sensibility and the spirit of the law?

True Entrepreneurial Spirit

Let me explain in a totally different way. The first time I came to Russia I was simply amazed. Everyone from the oldest to the youngest were out setting up stands, with their small or big items, it could be vegetables, household items, virtually anything and everything. I asked about this because you would never see this in the States. The police would come (like the story above) cite you, take your items, and possibly haul you off to jail, right? The answer I heard – people need to survive, even the police know that here in Russia, yes there a law against it but they look past it and let it be. Why? Because they are both human (vendors and police)! I did some earlier posts on this you can see them here, here, and here.


Is Capitalism a Right or a Crime?

Were these kids passing out pamphlets on how to make bombs? Or instructions on how to grow Magic mushrooms? (But Wikipedia can, and does) A emphatic, “No”! Were they jeopardizing the restaurant chain down the road that sells the same drink in a glass instead of a cup, No! But, does the corner where the stand was might have had an endangered insect on that small strip of land that needed to be protected, “No”. Maybe, they were punished for being “Capitalists” or “Entrepreneurs”. These children became criminals in a society that used to flourish because of its entrepreneurial spirit. Such events dash the hopes of even small kids, let alone adults.


Are “Outlaws”, Freedom Fighters?

What was once great about America will be lost forever if those who supposedly met out justice continue down this path. Their Children will no longer want to engage in what made it great, simply out of fear of their own government. Fear or Freedom, it’s a choice. I’m glad I live where people have that freedom to choose to support their families and not fear the consequences from the very people who are supposed to protect them. Isn’t it sad that one needs to become an outlaw to fight for his “Freedom”.

I will be praying for America and Americans. God Bless, Russia.



17 thoughts on “An Answer to “Shutting Down a Lemonade Stand”

  1. This is no longer capitalism this a monopolistic corporatism with the long arm of the law in their pocket, crushing any competition even from the young.

      1. This is what Obama is counting on, main thing is to wait until he’s out of office, otherwise you all will be stuck with him for good. But if it does happen and he remains in power I know for a fact that you are looking the Anti-Christ right in the face.

      2. Imo it is actually doesnt’ matter what kind of “Doll” will sit on the fuly controlled throne. The system still will remain the same.

        And the system is actually highly independent on the throne and those who rule the system actually choose who to put there as well as they run and controll the public opinion of mass sheeple using again their capitals.

        The only two real presidents were Ruzvelt and Lincoln. Even JFK is far from real president…he is just popular b\c of dramma. All other were “Dolls” or “big capital\corp bitches”.

  2. > What ever happened to sensibility and the spirit of the law?

    Actually this is again about the subject we talked before, Steeve.

    It is not the sensibility or the spirit of a law. It is complete absence of morality.

    Result of liberalism – when nobody gives a f@#k to anything.
    No moral and no spiritual values exist.
    As result anything good are bad are the same and equivalent – NO ANY NORMS EXIST – nor moral, nor spiritual, nor society.

    Combining this with greedy wild capitalism in form of extreeme individualism\selfishness and consumerism you get the completeley moral and spiritual bankrupt society where evaluation anything of good and bad is done only by enourmous amounts of laws and the only “moral”, social and “spiritual” guideline is MONEY.
    (laws are created also from the same guideline principle).

    Also the same time Liberalism destroys any kind of identity, however from distance it feels like it do the opposite. But infact it actually destroy any identity even INCLUDING GENDER ONE.
    Any with only one exception – class. Actually that is naturally – b\c money are the only compass and the only god.
    But if all other identities usually unite the society making it more diverse and interesting, the class identity – is the only one that divedes its.

    And i’m not talking here, how ppl betray each other starting from police and IRS and ending by various licensing services.
    I have enormous amount of stories from US when americans report\rat on their neightbors or even so-called “friends” even on such small thing as some house internal repair works done by somebody himself but without licence.
    I can write on this subject pretty long… tens of pages of examples.
    Actually Europe is pretty much the same… to the lesser level, but the same.
    When one girl stayed in some German house for a few monthes- i.e. she was renting a room in NOT OFFICIAL way (just giving a cash to host)… so when there was party in the host house the owner come to her and told: “Look today my friednds will come to party. Tell them that you are relative of my wifes nephew. Don’t tell them that you are renting a room in our house, b\c we doing this without paying the taxes”.

    FUUU$#%#K!!! Nice frieds Germans have, rights??? Ha-ha… the same is for whole Europe… In US is even MUCH WORSE!

    In Russia friend means “someone who will help you to hide the corpse” for exmaple )).

    And all this processes are sitting so deep in the society and ppl inner world and moral compass esp. in USA, that those tryies to point them or accuire their attation to start fixing something are and will be USELESS.

    Again, just only one example from very many from you previous post Steeve,
    Whereas American cities can be divided along race- and income- based lines into “good”, middle-class, working-class, and even blighted/dangerous regions, this still isn’t true of Russia. Part of the reason is that, as I’ve said, a home isn’t considered to be like other investments. Another is that real estate taxes are practically non-existent. So it’s possible to find elderly people with modest pensions living alongside young middle income families, immigrants, working class people, and wealthy movers and shakers in every neighborhood of cities like Moscow.
    Again this only one example from very MANY.

    Such devided, moral\ethincsl\spiritual bankrupt and extreemely selfish, indiviadualistic and consumeristic society where no any serious indentity exist and the only GOd is money – is THE BEST form of society from governance\managment point of view.
    Better is only next step after liberalism – when the sosiety will be allover penetrated with overall tehcnological control for each individual- Transhumanism.

    If i would be a farmer owner and had a choise with what “ideology background” to buy animals – i would definititely choose the liberal sheeps and as well as meat and milky cows. They are ideal ones who i can manage using only forage option(i don’t even need to use good one… just have to create the competition in the herd even for crappy one food instead) . 🙂

    That is why imo american sosciety is doomed. Unfortunately.
    No any blogs, bashing, teaching, lecturing, trolling – nothing will really help to change anything.
    They have the only option to change something – huge revolution or even civil war with two main targets: 1)redistribution of the property and capitals; 2) COMPLETE change of the systems.

    Also those whining about lets go back to constitution are also useless. Firstly nobody will allow them to do that in peacful way (or you still believe in democracy? lol), Secondly even if imagine that they will be allowed- that will not change anyting in matter of society division and its moral\ethincsl\spiritual bankruptcy.

    Pretty much the same applies to many europenian societies too.

    p.s. It is time for westerner and esp. americans to read George Orwell’s 1984

    1. RE:[Also the same time Liberalism destroys any kind of identity, however from distance it feels like it do the opposite. But infact it actually destroy any identity even INCLUDING GENDER ONE.
      Any with only one exception – class. Actually that is naturally – b\c money are the only compass and the only god.
      But if all other identities usually unite the society making it more diverse and interesting, the class identity – is the only one that divedes its.]

      I have found some better words to describe this phenomenon:

      Liberalism is substituting any kind of identity (including GENDER one) with the only one – CLASS identity (money\capital badge)
      (in conditions where all are equal in front of mighty dollar by laws, created by those who own it.)

      Analogy of such action ,for example, in manufacturing is Unification.

      Unification in manufacturing allows more efficient management and planning, more profit and delivers much better control of each stage\phase\process of manufacturing as well as adaptation of manufacturing systems to any new market challenges and any external and internal circustances.

      *also synonym of unifcation is standardization.

  3. I am not surprised at all. Unfortunately, it is a common occurrence. One would think, with the rash of mass shootings going on, that the law enforcement officials would concentrate on public safety, like it says on all their vehicles.
    Also, especially regarding this story, a lot of wealthy people live in communities, with specific neighborhood regulations dealing with what can and cannot be done, or even built.
    I saw one story where a family had been ordered by the association to remove a play fort from their back yard because it violated color mandates. Yes, the color is all they could find to legally attack.
    If one wishes to keep their freedoms, one must observe them in total secrecy and feel like they are “getting away with it.” Here, in the “Home of the brave and land of the free,” it sometimes seems like we are anything but.

  4. RE: [The answer I heard – people need to survive, even the police know that here in Russia, yes there a law against it but they look past it and let it be.]

    Actually this is not very accurate. Many ppl have dachas (esp grannies, but not only) and there they have various gardens where they grow vegs and fruits and so on for themself.
    Elderies just like do gardering by itself.

    SO when ppl get more than enough of vegs or fruits etc… they first don’t want to waste them and prefer to sell.
    Socond thing is that for granies and elderies it is just good option for “paying business”, to communicate with each other at bazar, share rumors etc. They usually have pretty normal pension for their living charges (sure exception exist, but we are talking about trends).
    So for them selling growed vegetables and fruits or growed chiken meat or etc.. is just first of all fun and communication, “playing business” , finding what to do at their age and so on. =)

    Ppl also like that, b\c they like natural organic foods. Why not?
    And overall in Russia ppl don’t trust a lot to various food corp. even to decent ones and not very huge. They often prefer to buy from small producers.

  5. This is an interesting conversation. I think the reason they shut these local lemonade stands down has more to do with concerns over health regarding the preparation and consistency with licenses. If I could get on my soapbox for a moment, I’d want them to be more concerned with the growing of the lemons and how much pesticide was sprayed on them and the filtration and additives to the water. Definitely food for thought (sorry, I couldn’t resist). 🙂

      1. Ha!
        Steece, do you rememeber our conversations in various Abhazia topics where i told that don’t like to travel to Europe or destinations liked by europenians and americans b\c i can’t “breath” there?

        When i told about matrix feeling and artificialism allover overordered, overbusinessed, overregulated, overcomercialised, overbureaucratized and overfilled with greed, sreaming individualism and privat property etc… when you feel there like Biorobot at some conveyor of maitanace service

        I told you also that it is not US or Uk or Geman government or banksters create there such atmoshepe, but local ppl and visitors. Remember?
        They like that! They approve that and even demand that!

        See this now? 🙂

        Why? – explained in my posts above.

        All these are such obvious things for a distant observer that for him it is hard to believe how other ppl can not see all these.

      2. Didn’t get exactly what did you mean.

        I told that …look for example .. soon you will need a licenses to grow an apple tree on your land\yard and then you will need to take 150 insepction for your apples to be sold or even giften to someone. And sure you will need to pay for those inspections …

        Also your neighbor can sue you if part of your apple tree will grow above the fence and partially above your neighbor’s land\yard. And be sure there will be some damn laws which will regulate such option..- or you will need to cut part of the tree or to give part of the apples to your neighbors …or in general the inspection called by your nasty but SMILY neighbor can find that your apples are toxic overall and poisoning the land and eviroment.

        May be i’m exaggerating but iit is just how i see that.

  6. personally i think theres far more going on than governments control or in many cases know about. When chains of restaurants feel they need to flex their muscles in this sort of response we have to ask why did it get to the point when they could?

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