Do you Suffer from Vertigo? – Don’t go to Ai Petri


Ai-Petri. Night, Full Moon. by Denis Belitsky on 500px

Okay, So you don’t like heights! Neither do I! But you’ve got to admit the view is incredible. This is Ai-Petri in the Crimean Mountains.

The name has Greek origins, and is translated as St. Peter, no not St. Petersburg, that was the previous post. Are you scared yet? The winds here can blow up to 110 mph – someplace you don’t want to be if it’s that windy.

The peak is located above the city of Alupka and the town of Koreiz, both are on the Black Sea coastline.

Don’t worry you don’t have to climb to the top of this peak. There is a Cable Car that takes passengers from a station near Alupka to the main area in Ai-Petri, which costs about 60 rubles for adults and 30 rubles for children, one way.

But the wind isn’t the only thrill you will get here. Watch the following video, if you can watch the whole thing you’re my hero. Good Luck, hope you enjoy.


So if you don’t want to pay 60 rubles to go back down on the Cable car you can always just jump off a cliff.


26 thoughts on “Do you Suffer from Vertigo? – Don’t go to Ai Petri

      1. LOL, I thought I was brave until I reached the top, then I wanted to chicken out. Finally with a small nudge… I went……….OH, SHIT…………then euphoria……and it was all worth it, all $30.00 bucks worth.

  1. I would like to see it they had any repelling options. I’m not much for heights, either, but I have been cliff climbing and have always wanted to try repelling. Of course, the cliffs I climbed as a youngster had nothing on this place. Plus, that’s where my… apprehension for high places originated. I’d at least go within ten feet or so from the edge. 😀

    1. Cmon…. anyhow even in the worst case it is a better death than from car accident or cancer or i dunno anything else. 😉
      So it worth to try… ah y r not russian – you don’t understand 😀

      1. I know, they say it’s only the last half inch of the drop that hurts and what a way to go!
        Yes, but it’s could be an earlier death and a quicker death. I can imagine it is a wonderful feeling – might try it when I’m in my nineties and have nothing to lose. Ah, I expect you are young, you like to take risks and that is sometimes a good thing, sometimes not so good….

      2. Well when I jumped I was in my thirties, but now that I’ve done it the fear no longer runs in my veins. It’s the seconds before and seconds afterwards that I was filled with the most fear. Otherwise it was extremely euphoric, I understand why many enjoy extreme sports. It’s like a drug, once you’ve tried it you want to keep the feeling going. Once I satisfied my curiosity I was done.

      3. Sure if person is in age, then it is not safe and not b\c of possible rope structure malfunction, but b\c health issues what might appear during stress gravity load and impulse.

        > Yes, but it’s could be an earlier death and a quicker death. I
        > can imagine it is a wonderful feeling – might try it when I’m in
        > my nineties and have nothing to lose.

        Death anyway is quick b\c our life itself is too short.
        So speaking honestly we all have nothing serious to lose if to think about this wide enough.
        If we could live at least 300 years -then yes, that could be a subject of consideration, but with our avarage 78+\-10 years, from which approx 50-60 are only real life – that is not a big deal.
        And in our world anyone could die any moment so there is no reason to have deathphobia. Sure that doesn’t mean that one should act in abs. idiotic way, but no ground for phobia exist really.

        Even more, the human life is far less valuable for the ecosystem than life of many other other spicies. All talks that bla-bla-bla humans are so valuable is just selfish\egoistical crap. 🙂

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