A Reason to Visit Russia – St. Petersburg

Saint Petersburg timelapse from Georgy Tolstoy on Vimeo.

St. Petersburg

When we first arrived in St. Petersburg I must honestly admit I thought it was old and dirty. But that’s because we arrived at the train station and it wasn’t exactly the most beautiful part of town. What was interesting was the longer we were there, the more I fell in love with this city. It’s rich with culture and history, the canals and building on either side become like close companions, in the end before we left I felt like I was leaving my intellectual uncle. We walked and stood in many of the places here in this short video. Seeing it, is one thing! Being there is something totally different. If you are thinking of visiting Russia, St. Petersburg should be high on your list. Here’s a few of the pictures I took while we were there. Also created a couple of post about our visit here and here.


18 thoughts on “A Reason to Visit Russia – St. Petersburg

    1. Esp. for you swo8. 🙂

      Some part of The Hermitage Museum
      It is only part, but one of the longest videos.
      Actually even few days of instant 24h filming would be not enough to show each object there.

      enjoy 😉

    2. Bonuses 🙂

      Czar’s village. Tour to Parks and Palaces:


      Churches of St. Petersburg:

      Huge excursion of St. Petersburg – 5:24 hours!:

      RARE Cruiser Aurora Tour:

      The Peter and Paul Fortress:

      Fantastic Winter St-Petersburg 2010:

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