8 thoughts on “perceptia diferita, conduce la actiuni diferite

      1. They haven’t had much rain either so there is a draught too. They always have forest fires out west every summer, so it isn’t anything new to them. It is just that there are so many more of them and they are bigger too.

      2. There never was leadership in Washigton. Bossship and cockyship-bullyshit always were (whole their history) and still are there.

        The world is too complicated for one country to maintain the leadership alone.

        Imo current vector creating points are China and Russia.
        For forming the real leadership cluster they also need India and in future preferably so-called Gross-India(for example as united Pakistan, India itself and Bangladesh into some kind of Indian Federation).
        Strong India in this scheme is very important to balance China in the Asian region and to finish all the disputes and conflicts there making unable for anglo-saxons (USA \ UK) to create new intrigues and manipulations and ,as result, conflicts on the local asian geopolitical arena.

        That is why USA is now trying to seduce India into typical “western friendship”. Not so long time ago USA was the best friend of Pakistan. Now in Pakistan ppl realised who are the USA and even among the usual population negative attitude to USA is highest in the world(more than 90% don’t like US).
        That is why USA now shifted to India.
        US plaing with India and Pakistan totaly the same SNAKY strategy as one they played last 70 years with Iran and Iraq.
        Washigton need to prevent cooperation and esp. any possibility of reunification of India and Pakistan again.
        They need their confronation by any price.
        I hope than Pakistanians and Indians will finally realise that and will not trust the US snake.

        Even more South and North Korea the same time turned to Russia too. They both realised that only Russia is REALLY interested in peacful and harmonious reunification of Korea.
        USA with Japan don’t want that all by any cost, China wants that only their chinese conditions, all others don’t give much f@#k.
        In NK Orthdox Russian Churches were opened. Can you realise that? SK started huge cooperations with Russia in many ways including millitary and aerospace.

        The same situation with Iran. First thing that will happen after complete sanctions cancellation – is the joing of Iran as member to SCO.

        Afganistan is holding the same vector. Population have now very different view of Russia, they study russian language widely now.
        General attitude to Russia and russians (one can research their modern view of shur@vi now) is very interesting after they met and knew westerners close enough.


        So, Russia, China and India are the core for the complete and final stabisation of whole Eurasia (b\c its their home and their neighbors first of all) for its future development.

        After stabilisation of Eurasia, the stabilisation and unification of Africa can begin as well as serious boosting of South America development.

        About Old Europe – situation is unprediactable now, b\c they are not subject of global geopolitcs, but object. If it will not turn to Russia, then their markets will be conquested or by US(who need a big donor to survive) through TAFTA\TTIP by China (who need export markets to survive) by new Silk Belt and other projects.
        In both cases the europe destiny is sad.

        Generaly west after loosing all their neocolonies going to face very interesting situation b\c it is unable to maintain the current level of life without such neocolonies.
        It will start to eat itself as a cancer.
        Thats is why the most wise, independent and genuine europenian politics already now trying to turn to Russia- such as Hungary, Austria, Italy, Greece ans some others. It is question of future survilence

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