18 thoughts on “A Reason to Visit Russia – The Trans Siberian Railway

  1. I’ve never had the experience of riding a train, but would love to, even just in this area.
    Amtrak has get away trips through some of the most stunning scenes offered by the USA, but it still costs money, and I have none.

    By the way, on the Trans Siberian Railway, do they play the Trans Siberian Orchestra on the speakers? 😀

    1. Trust me, no matter what is offered by Amtrak.
      It is very different experience.
      Different way of travel and totaly different atmosphere (mainly b\c of culture and ppl) and no matter that both are done by trains- but they are VERY different. It is more than stunning scenes…. this travel can change your state of mind.

      It is unexplainable.
      Maybe Steeve is able to find some word to describe…
      [my english is still sucks a lot +) ]

      1. (Love your title! 😀 I think you articulated the feelings quite well!)
        It would be nice to be able to see places around the world, instead of having to see others post about it. I fully understand that most countries have beautiful places, and I think it would be so cool to experience it for myself.

  2. We tried our best to raise enough cash when returning from Bangladesh to go home via the Trans-siberian and then down into Europe and into the UK via France. Alas, the plane fares proved all we could afford…

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