Top Ten Differences between America and Russia


 10. How they view a Party

Whereas an American office party will usually feature soda and a pizza, it’s not uncommon for Russians to drink wine, vodka and whiskey at a company party. It’s also common for people to get extremely plastered and bear their emotions to the entire world at house parties. See more here.


9. How they view each other

Russians tend to accept each other and believe in fate, Americans on the other hand believe through hard work and a bit of luck they can accomplish anything no matter who’s in the way.


8. How they view Relationships

 Nearly three-quarters of Russians in 2013 didn’t think homosexuality should be accepted by society, compared with 33 percent of the US and anywhere between 11 and 22 percent among many of Russia’s developed European peers. See more here.


7. How they view Money

In surveys of Russian and American students, the Americans ranked these values in importance: Money, career, family friends. Russians ranked the same values this way: Family, friends, career, money. See more here.


6. How they view Leadership

The difference between Russia and America is simple: Russia’s leader is Russian who is against radical Islam, On the other hand America’s leader is a muslim who aids, trains, and funds Islāmic terrorism behind America’s back.

5. How Women view Men

Naturally, women are different everywhere, and every woman has her own inimitable personality. However, it has been long ago noted that Russian women are more open than the others. Communication with American women can resembles an arm wrestling match: They see men as competition and don’t engender them as men. Quite to the opposite , Russian women are not afraid of a man’s masculinity and believe femininity is a part of being a woman.

images (4)

4. How they view Drinking

What was once a huge problem in Russia has begun to decline, don’t get me wrong Russians still love their vodka and I will still hear them outside our window singing late into the night. So what has changed? The younger generation doesn’t have the social economic problems the older generation faced. Their reasons for drinking are much different then in the past. The biggest problem remains in the older male generation that can’t seem to shake the shackles of the past. See more here.

However in America the problem is with the irresponsible younger generation not the older. Seems to be an opposite problem to the East. Young adults in the States have a problem with binge drinking which leads to alcohol poisoning. Recent data indicates that 46% of young adults (12.4 million) engaged in excessive drinking in the last year. Clearly in the States the older generation is the wiser. See more here.


3. How they view Education.

This is a very interesting topic that has complex answers. What I did find was a very interesting article describing the differences. The writer is a Russian student studying in America, she shares her experiences with both in a well balanced fashion. 

Being a student in the U.S. is different in a lot of ways than what I experienced back in Russia.  Classes are taught differently, schools are run differently, and grades are doled out differently – some for the good and some for the bad.  Here are the top 10 things I’ve had to adjust to as a student in America.  Would they be as different for you? See more here.

2. How they view Celebrities 

It’s a very interesting fact that in Russia, musicians and composers are considered high society and are the stars where as film and TV actors are not as iconic. From my own personal experience in being able to speak to a once Russian actor, they don’t make much money and society doesn’t think much of them.

On the other side of this coin in America, Film and TV actors are considered stars  and are more a part of high society and musicians and composers are not so much. Again knowing from first hand and working with actors and actress in Los Angeles just how much people fawn over them. 

It’s fascinating that the two different cultures look so differently at TV & Movies celebrities and Musicians and composers. Russian culture identifies itself much more to the musical arts and the American culture identifies with the movie industry. I think something could be read into this but I will leave it to the reader to discover it. See more here.


1. How the Women Look

Most American women (not all) in general view being out in public as one big slumber party. This seems to be the reality of today’s American fashion scene. It’s typical in America to see women dressed in pajamas and sweatpants at the bank, the post office, the store and even at work. A majority will be found in Flip-flops and Uggs, and nothing else. At best, they will dress themselves in jeans and a hooded sweatshirt, which is their version of dressing for the occasion. Finding a woman in a dress and she’s thought of as a …………see more here.

However in Russia women are beautiful (at least this is what they hear all the time) they are aware of their beauty, they like to make themselves beautiful and they enjoy being beautiful. “Beauty will save the world” – is one of the most favorite Russian quotes apparently by F.Dostoevski. See more here.

Update: Just found a fun post on the difference between Russia and America here, check it out.

40 thoughts on “Top Ten Differences between America and Russia

  1. Some pretty funny stuff here. The entire subject is subject to interpretation, of course. And the photo selection is priceless!
    Great post. But Tubularsock has heard that some Russians are hard to bear.

  2. RE:[Most American women (not all) in general view being out in public as one big slumber party. This seems to be the reality of today’s American fashion scene. It’s typical in America to see women dressed in pajamas and sweatpants at the bank, the post office, the store and even at work. A majority will be found in Flip-flops and Uggs, and nothing else. At best, they will dress themselves in jeans and a hooded sweatshirt, which is their version of dressing for the occasion. Finding a woman in a dress and she’s thought of as a …………
    see more here: ]

    1.All stated above applies not only for American women, but for many western ones from Europe too. The only difference is that in western europe they have less troubles with weight…. and even so it depends a lot about exact country. UK is not very different from US as i know.

    2.Abs. all stated above aplies the same way to most part of American men too.
    This is why, claims described at last link here:

    such as:“Russian women have the bearing power. They can bear a lot. They bear the stupid and horrible drinking of their men – the drinking these men are so proud of. They bear the men who beat them, because when these men are drunk they want to beat… They bear all that for a long, long time. Many – for their lifetimes. But many want another destiny. They want a western foreign husband who will take care of them. No wonder that agencies or dating websites dealing with Russian brides are blossoming since last 10 years.”

    are COMPLETE bullshit. Go ask russian women youself about whom their prefer. The 90s have endned! All those horros desribed above about russian men are extreemely rare and almost non-existent.
    Actually they never existed to such degree as it was presented on various targeted sites for naive westerners seeking for woman abroad even during 90s.

    So as i said. Russian women are not so naive anymore. Want to know to whom they are really stick – go and ask them themself.
    Don’t trust that bs at specialized sites that they are dreaming about foreign husband. TOP gold digers maybe dreaming about cheating\using some foreigner, but most are stick to east europenians and former soviet union men.

    Sure some happy transcultural couples exist – the same way as russian men with foreign wifes. But in most cases all such things happing in both ways naturaly in some certain circumstances and NOT through specific seeking of foreign half.

    1. Almost every Russian women I know has married an American man here in the States. Many of them have said they would never marry a Russian man.

  3. an interesting post indeed. Australia I think has a similar problem to the States when it comes to binge drinking youngsters, although they do a lot more than that. I wonder about drugs in Russia? I suspect they are far less prevalent than in the west. I’d like to expand on relationships beyond the view on homosexuality. I think the male/female dynamic in a relationship can be quite different in Russia.

      1. RE:[I’d like to expand on relationships beyond the view on homosexuality.]

        I think, i have to note that russians are not homophobs. They are homoPROPAGANDAphobs!
        Actuallly they don’t care what and with whom you are doing in bed while you don’t scream about it all around and don’t tell everyone that fags are cool. Otherwise be ready that they will beat the shit out of you at some fags parade. ))))

        Even more in Russia sharing even straight bed life in publicity is not considered like something good or normal. Etiquette, morality you know.. )

        In real life there is actually even no any discrimination against fags.
        Sure many ppl will say that to be fag is not good or even shameful, the same as to be fat or to be stupid or alcohol adict. It is not considered as normal. This is the way the society motivates ppl to positive changes. And imo that is very right.

        Actually it is how real direct democracy work. If the majority against fags propaganda, then why it should be allowed? West liked to say that Russia has no civil society. Obviously it was very wrong =)

        RE: [I think the male/female dynamic in a relationship can be quite different in Russia.]

        Tha main thing is that in Russia females and males are not cosidered as equal. This is just common sence.
        How they can be the same is they are NATURALY different? This is delirium and just lunatic rubbish.
        Moreover each of them adore that inequality and differences of each other, motivates in such way to develop those attractive for other half “differences”. It is the way it should be!

      2. Yes, this is right on. This is what should be spoken and written about. It clearly relates the thoughts of the general public in a open and honest way.

      3. RE:[Men are allowed to be men and women allowed to women. Gender roles here normal and have been for centuries.]

        We have a proverb here:
        “The real strength\power of the woman is in her female weakness\vulnerability”.

        I dunno if ppl will completely undestand the meaning….

      4. Steeve, you are seducing me 🙂 … considering that i’m a talking box and that disscussed subject is connected to huge amount of themes begining from society, psychology, intimacy and ending by morality, soul and even politics i can start with thoughts gathering and finish with a book. LoL 😀

        I’m warning you that is usually hard to shut me up esp. on philosophy subjects ))))

      5. Let’s stick to gender roles for right now, it’s enough. I don’t want you shut up, it’s better to share. You have no idea how few people have your understanding in the west.

      6. Steeve, i thought a lot on subject you asked.

        I have one question to you.
        Do you really think that some kind a “lecture” sticked only to gender roles in form “How man should be” and “How woman should be” will really help and that westerners will just apply that like some kind of instruction?

        I think, that i’m not the only one with such “bright mind”…. and still nothing changes in the west in this matter – rather opposite.

      7. Well put. A donkey that thinks he is a horse is silly……….of course but in America you will be considered a bigot for pointing it out.

    1. RE:[I wonder about drugs in Russia? I suspect they are far less prevalent than in the west.]

      Well, i have not any trusted statistic on this subject.

      Generally in Russia is MUCH harder to get any drugs.
      I dunno how things goes in Australia, but in Europe you can get abs. without any troubles abs. anything begining from MaRiyaIvhanovna(weed) and ending by c0x, ice, l$d, gera and so on. Abs. without ANY troubles!

      In Russia the only thing you can easely find is weeed…and even so it would be much harder than in Europe.

      And sure in Russia you will never see IV drugusers outside – at streets and in parks as for example one can see in some Europe and particulary even in Germany somewhere.
      I suppose that in Russia some parents would literaly beat the shit out of such persons in parks for example where they walking with their children.

  4. It’s very clear the author of this article is not fond of the U.S. and has therfore given a very narrow view of the country. While I agree with the points, the reasoning is very harsh and judgmental. American culture is very greedy, hateful and busy. Growing up in this space one must have a different approach to life for successful survival. Reading this article you would believe Americans were just lazy. Our entire system from youth education to adulthood is designed to provide just enough information to be employees, not enough to think. The vast majority accept this, unaware of other options. This should not discount those few that did not fall in line with the other sheep.

  5. That’s because Russians haven’t got into the stupid mentality of *I can do whatever the fookity fook I want* with no right and wrong and then get surprised that there are actually consequences both legal and spiritual.

  6. This whole article is really dumb. There’s literally nothing that Russia beats America in, except maybe in being trashy. Like we can joke and laugh about stuff, but we all know America is literally the best. That’s just the truth. And btdubbs, we fan over musicians too.

  7. Does schools or public transportation ever shut down for anything? Snow/Heat/wild fires,nuclear explosions at a power plant.etc? In Britain they panic due to the (wrong kind of snow) or (wrong kind of sun) and schools close by the hundreds but then again usually it’s just a day or two of relaxation and then back to the ole grind.

    1. The only thing they shut down for are bomb threats. We had one at our school not to long ago. We were out for the day and back the next. Every school in the city was evacuated.

  8. BTW: Some of your pull down menus get cut off so I can’t see the rest on my desktop. I think you designed this for mobile only?

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