Finding Vitali – An End of a Journey – Part VIII – The Mystically Wonderful World of Abkhazia


Finding Vitali – A Friendship Begins

We were waiting in the city center of Pitsunda looking for a way to get back to our little village, up until this point we had tried to find an inexpensive taxi willing to take us, we had no such luck. Then we found Vitali, he agreed to take us back to Agaraki. This all took place with my wife’s Russian skills, had I tried I would have gotten stuck at “Hello”, my Russian is poor. But he didn’t know this.

We all piled into his van and he began slowly meandering his way back to our destination. Right away I understood that he wanted to have a conversation. I was on the spot, I had to respond. Usually my wife intercedes for me but my hero was silent. What to do? So, boldly I told him with my terrible abilities, “I don’t understand, I speak little Russian”, he looked at me a bit surprised. Again, he spoke to me. Where are you from? I understood! I told him I was American. His eyes lit up, Oh he said, then with the aid of my wife who finally spoke became my interpreter. The conversation continued the entire journey home. It was at the end of our speaking together that we were invited to his home. I was ecstatic, this was something I’d been praying would happen. We were going to get to spend an evening with him and his family (I thought I was dreaming).

The day came that he arrived to pick us up to go to his home, couldn’t tell you how excited I was. We traveled north towards his home again conversing as we had before, it was great. He had told us he lived a bit up in the hills were it was quiet but I had no idea what it was really going to be like. Then we rounded the corner winding up the hills and I looked out to the sea, it was stunning, it wasn’t just the sea, it was the river, the mountains, the sunset. I begged him to stop, I wanted to get a photograph. He boldly said, wait a minute. I’m thinking to myself this was a once in a lifetime view am I going to miss it? Absolutely not, he made a hard right turn maybe 50 feet down the road, we were in his driveway. His property was right in the middle of this million dollar view. I was shocked, but very pleased.

We then got to meet his wife, I’ve got to be honest I don’t remember her name. I was to busy soaking up the beauty of our surroundings. I suspect my wife was as well, she couldn’t recall her name either. We then got the royal tour of their property. We were lead through maze of trees and garden that went on forever, it was astounding. We got to find out that they are able to grow 12 different varieties of trees on their land from Apple, Mandarin, Cherry, and Pomegranate trees , and others that I’ve never seen before, these people are truly blessed.

After traveling all through their paradise we arrived at their patio were we then proceeded to dine with them. She along with her husband brought all kinds of Abkhaz dishes out for us to indulge in, we got to try fresh homemade cheeses, tomatoes from their garden, wine from their vineyard, and the list goes on. We talked about family, we talked about friendship, and we formed one as well. One thing that he did share sticks out in my mind. It’s an ancient legend which I came to understand many Abkhaz people love to share. It goes like this.

 They say that, when God had created the earth, He allocated each tribe its ethnic homeland, according to the number of its people and the services they had rendered Him.

The Abkhazian leader was the last to make an appearance and God asked, “Where were you when I was handing out the countries? I’ve got nothing left for you.” The Abkhazian replied, “We had guests at our house, Lord, and we couldn’t leave them without showing proper hospitality.”

As a reward for such generosity of spirit, God gave the Abkhazians the lands that he had set aside for himself.

It’s very easy to see why, we now have dear friends in Abkhazia, I hope if you plan to make the journey to this wonderful country that you get to do the same. I will leave you with a video that I found on Vimeo. It will give you a small idea what you will find in this very hospitable place called “Abkhazia.

See more here and here.

Highland Abkhazia. Lakes Derikuara and Aduada from Tengiz Tarba on Vimeo.


16 thoughts on “Finding Vitali – An End of a Journey – Part VIII – The Mystically Wonderful World of Abkhazia

  1. Congrats!!! Such things are always the best part of any journey. Ppl create your day.
    At the end of your journey the God granted you what means that you are a good man. 😀

    Only in Russia and former USSR, India and some Asia such things is very possible.

    I never experienced something like this in Europe and noone of my friends expirienced such things in US.

    However i have heard of few rumors about very rare cases of such hospitality in french, italian and spanish coutryside.
    Dunno if they were real and truly happend.

    1. The same things happend to me in Bosnia and Latvia, about what i told previously if you remember. However i was a little bit more lucky b\c such things in both cases happend to me in the very begining of vacations. 😀

      p.s. Also have such experience from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tadjikistan, India, Vietnam, widely Russia, S.Korea,

      1. I’m interesting in southern Europe and only in coutryside…. preferably coastal one. I watched pictures of some unpopular villages and small towns and heard some rumors on this subject.
        So wanna check that out one day.
        In all other aspects Europe have no any attractions for me.

        But unfortunately now for me that is impossible, b\c i’m not ready to provide my biometrics (fingerprints and iris) to Cl@\@N8\Mi7 servants for visa.

        p.s.About India – i will never neglect any opportunity to visit India.
        The problem is that it is pretty far away. Extreemely interesting and diverse country. Life is not enough to explore it all. 🙂
        But one should first adapt oneself to some not very nice issues of India (such as hygiene and dirt\trash).
        However i sincerely believe that soon they will overcome this unpleasant issues and will eliminate them – it is just question of time.
        So once person get accustomed to that, one will be able to see all the beauty and wonders of the coutry and its ppl.

        SouthEastern Asia generally is also very interesting and mostly very nice.

      2. About Kazakhstan you should decide the way you want to explore it. If you are interested mainly in nature -then consider plan only for Kazakhstan and with big days reserve.
        B\c it is pretty big coutry and rich in diverse nature.

        If you wanna get some oveview first, meet some ppl, get first general impressions, to ry to catch some small adventures – then it is probably better to consider a tour Kazakhstan+Middle Asia (Uzbek, Tadjik – stans, Kyrgyzia) +\- Tur_km_eni_stan.
        But to get visa to Tur_km_eni_stan is extreemely hard even for former soviet union citizens…. for ppl of other world probably even harder.

      3. Well, b\c it is the most closed country of former USSR and one of the most closed ones in the world.
        It is ,softly saying, a little bit different from “democracy”… he-he
        But is okey till time it feeds the west with gas, so the last one babery bark or cry something about it. 😉

        Thailand – the basement of western democracy in SE Asia:
        “Thai man gets 30 years in jail for insulting monarchy on Facebook”

        As i know, Aussies are learning the thai experience. He-he… 🙂

        Anyhow FB-ers is a diagnosis imo. Mass schizophrenia showing how stupid average ppl are and that they deserve their sheeple desteny in herd.

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