A Fascinating Journey to Abkhazia – Part VII – The Mystically Wonderful World of Abkhazia


A Fascinating Journey to Abkhazia

I’ve discovered on this fascinating journey to Abkhazia a land rich in beauty, I felt the heart of the people and warmth of the Abkhaz sun. Yet in everything that I’ve shared none of it can compare with the experience, the things that touch the heart, mind, and soul that can only belong to those who are first hand witnesses. When the wife and I first began to plan this trip I thought it would only be herself and I, I hadn’t considered bringing our daughter and grandson. Looking back now I can’t imagine going without them, we grew closer as a family. It wasn’t perfect but the memories will forever be cherished. We had one evening together that we decided to go to the point of  Pitsunda peninsula. My wife had been told that the sunsets here can be strikingly stunning, which we now know is true.

Abkhaz Sunsets

We had one very interesting moment when my grandson was crying and complaining about walking so much and being hungry. It seemed no matter what we said it only furthered his crying, that’s when out of nowhere this young boy appeared and began to tell him that he should listen to his mother, he walked with us for quite a distance sharing his feeling with him. We were all stunned, my grandson quieted down and we continued. Reaching the beach we found these small restaurant shacks one after another along the shoreline. The smells coming from them caused hunger pains in all of us. I told everyone we need to reach a point were the sun was setting over the water before we could choose a place to fill our bellies. Nobody was happy, especially when hungry. But it was worth it. We found our shack that was barbecuing pork, for what ever reason we couldn’t find anyone who was cooking beef. I think that only time this happens when a cow gets hit on the road (LOL).


The Memories will Forever be with Us

We sat, ordered, and waited for the sun to set. We were all together enjoying each others company, our grandson found some other children and began to dance to the music that was being played at our small eating abode. It gave me a moment to think we’ve seen so much on this trip, we gotten to travel in a jeep up into the mountains, we’ve swam in the Black sea, walked and shopped the streets of Sukhum, we even got to explore New Athos Cave in New Athos. It’s been a wonderful trip, the sights, the sounds, and the smell of wonderful food. We waited a while for our barbecued meat  it was worth it, it melted in our mouths, the dipping sauce was to die for, the memories of this trip will forever be with us.

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