When Life was Simpler – Gals were Gals and Brides were Brides


Девчата / Gals

Now this is getting fun, how it happens I’m not sure but another fan sent me another Russian movie that I watched and thoroughly enjoyed. But as I watched it I was trying to remember if somewhere in time a movie similar to this was made in the States. I found it, but a difference appears. The Russian movie is a innocent comedy called “Gals” the American movie is a musical with comedy as well. “Gals” has sub-titles which makes it a bit easier to follow. I did find that this movie left out the parting shot of her fiance, unfortunate! Think it would have made a better movie. See more here.

This first time comedy was shown in March 1962 in the hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace in Moscow. All were present at the premiere except Inna Makarova. She was offended because it removed the final scene of parting with her fiance. The film fascinated viewers and even critics as well. But the top brass decided that the comedy was too short for home audience and the Soviet screen, despite this the film was still awarded third in the casting category.

Abroad, the picture was a success. It received an award at the Edinburgh Film Festival in Mar del Plata. Foreign newspapers Rumyantsev called “Charlie Chaplin in a skirt”, and the Italians – “Russian Giulietta Masina.”

“Seven Brides” for “Seven Brother”

I wasn’t able to find the full version of “Seven Brides” for “Seven Brother”, it seems YouTube won’t allow it. But I did find several clips from the movie. It brought back good memories. I remember seeing this movie when I was fairly young. They are both very different movies but what I did like about them both was what it said about the time period these films were made in. Life was so much simpler then, it was a time of richness of what life was really about. Times are different but it doesn’t mean we should forget what’s important. Family life is and was the backbone of both countries. Something we should not forget, something worth fighting for.


6 thoughts on “When Life was Simpler – Gals were Gals and Brides were Brides

  1. The Russian movie was blocked in Canada for copy right issues. 7 Brides for 7 Brothers came through. What an oldie and very charming.

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