Ruins of the Palace of the Shervashidze Princes


The Wonderful Little Village of Lyknny

During our trip we got to visit the wonderful little village of Lyknny, with it beautiful church, the Church of the Virgin Mary. It was here that the Elders of Abkhazia gathered in the square to make all the important decisions. It was here that the Abkhaz Kings ruled their kingdom. See more here.


Ruins of the Palace of the Shervashidze Princes

The ruins in this area are a complex X century buildings which consists of the Abkhazian kings’ summer palace and a summer residence of the ruling princes Chachba.

Legend of the Palace

The ruins of the Chachba-Shervashidze palace can be found in Gudauta region of Abkhazia, in the village of Lyhny. The complex of structures were the summer residence of the princes and palace Chachba Abkhazian kings. These buildings were built around the turn of the X-XI centuries. According to legend, the initiator of the construction was one of the members of the genus Chachba-Shervashidze, however, the palace wasn’t built well and collapsed over time. Then most elderly Elder of Abkhazia proclaimed the “Palace will survive as long as there are no more human victims. ” The legend goes on to say that there was a handsome man and beautiful Abkhaz girl, who were entombed alive in the foundation of the building. After these events came about, the palace was no longer endanger of collapsing. Rhode Chachba-Shervashidze ruled Abkhazia from 1124 until 1866, his family legacy ended with his death . His timely demise occurred during the uprising of the Abkhaz people, who wanted to overthrow the Tsarist regime. The palace was destroyed and never restored again.


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