Doing the Ritz at Ritsa Lake- Part III of The Mystically Wonderful World of Abkhazia


The Amazing Allure of Ritsa Lake

There is a legend about Ritsa Lake, it’s a beautiful story about Ritsa and her brothers. See more here. The story is gripping and so are the mountains and lake. My first sight of the high mountains enthralled me, I had a vision of the Alps in my mind, are they as beautiful as this? My mind raced to make a comparison to something I’d seen before, the only thing that came close was Lake Tahoe. It’s understandable how the legend came about, the whole scenery has an amazing allure.

Did Alexander the Great and

Jason and the Agronauts visit Ritsa Lake?

This is a magical place, it’s is possible that Alexander the Great visited here. It may have been where Jason and the Argonauts searched for the Golden Fleece, no matter what it’s truly a mystical place of wonderment. But it is certain that local hunters and shepherds knew about the lake existence for a long time.  In 1929 an expedition was mounted by Narkomzdrav of Abkhazia who was first to reach the lake, then in 1930 it appeared in the guide-book of S.Anisimov «Abkhazian Alps». Since that time Ritsa Lake has become a tourist attraction visited by millions of people from all over the world. See more here.



5 thoughts on “Doing the Ritz at Ritsa Lake- Part III of The Mystically Wonderful World of Abkhazia

  1. Amazing the beauty of the mountains and the water. I’d say those mountians are probably older than the Alps. They are more rounded in comparison.

      1. he-he
        I watched it maybe 100+ times, but each time i smile.
        One of those superb cartoons for all times. 🙂

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