War Torn yet still Beautiful – Part II of “The Mystically Wonderful World of Abkhazia


Impressions of the Aftermath

The thoughts of war are always horrifying, they leave everlasting memories not easily torn from those who experienced them.  After reading what happened here in this small paradise I will leave it to you the “reader” to decide if you wish to pursue the horrors that occurred during this time period. See more here. I could get stuck here without sharing with you my impressions of the aftermath. Thus I will spend a few moments to share my thoughts.

Left over Scars, Yet they Smile

The acts that were perpetuated on both sides left me heart broken. But what can never be erased is still seen, the now abandoned buildings show the scars left over from this war. Hidden memories walk with those who lived through this, yet they smile. This is their country, their home, it’s easy to see they are a very industrious and business savvy despite what still is visible.  It should be a reminder of all those who have experienced war and a deterrent to those who wish to perpetuate it. To quote one of my own ancestors, “War is Hell”.

This is Abkhazia

If this is true, and we all know it is, then Abkhazia is an example of what can transpire afterward. Who would have thought paradise follows this, thousands of Russians and many other tourists will attest to this fact. It’s a favorite destination point where those who come get tanned and relax by the sea, visit it’s magnificent mountains, or explore its many wonders. This is Abkhazia!


White Milky Skin, Lobsterized

On our second day in paradise we decided to visit the beach, always first things first. The white milky skin needs to soak up the rays from the Abkhazian sky, the family wished to share the tans of those who already glistening all around us. But where do we choose, a quiet beach (not found), finding our little patch of pebbles (sorry no sandy beaches) seemed elusive, especially if we wanted some shade. Then after searching we found our little pot of gold to either burn or tan. Hopefully the latter. At the end of the day the family went back to our host home a little darker, myself lobsterized but happy.


13 thoughts on “War Torn yet still Beautiful – Part II of “The Mystically Wonderful World of Abkhazia

  1. interesting. I lived and taught English in Georgia for 3 months in 2011 and they didnt consider Abkhazia safe to visit. But then, Georgia is the country it split from. Who knew it was a beach destination?

      1. I’m always have not enough time at the sea. No matter how long i stayed.
        And always hate to leave. (

  2. Sure for Georgians it is not safe to visit b\c they attacked Abhazia and south Osetia in 2008 during Saakashvili regime under the direction of USA SD. For russians and others from former USSR – no problems should be expected.

    1. BarbarianTinker I want tell you that Georgians didn’t attack not Abkhazians not Ossetians! History and time will show everything. Abkhazia was, is and always will be a part of Georgia! Thank you ARCHECOTECH for this blog! I spent two-three summers in Gagra in my childhood and missed it very much!

      1. This is the part I don’t understand, why do you say that Abkhazia has always been a part of Georgia. The internet has lots of information on this, which I know can be misinformation. I’d be interested to hearing your take on this. Do I understand this correctly that Georgians are not welcome in Abkhazia? How sad. Please answer via an e-mail if you are uncomfortable in answering here.

      2. I don’t understand why I should feel uncomfortable to answer the question. Let many people read my comment.
        I think it isn’t a political page to judge the topic. As I understood, you wrote what you saw and that’s it. It is history what Abkhazia is, old history not written since 2000. There are lots of sources and they should be studied. there aren’t much information on internet unfortunately.
        What irritated me was that barbarian tinker claims Abkhazian and Ossetians hate Georgians. Mr. Steve you and Barbarian Tinker maybe don’t know, that Abkazians look after Georgians houses there. 🙂 they even visited Tbilisi in August to attend the football match. Georgian doctors take care of Abkhazians and Ossetians in Tbilisi hospitals and so many thing…… Visit Georgia and see everything. I don’t want to show hate here. 🙂 and PS Georgia is not a colony. It was a colony of Russia for 70 years. 😉 If Abkhazia is a sovereign country, what Russia is doing there? That’s is the question! Let both nation decide what they want!
        This is my last comment!

      3. I’d absolutely love to visit Georgia. And I agree, hate or anger only breeds more anger and hate. When I was there I could have sworn I meet some Georgians but honestly am not sure. For me it doesn’t matter, people matter. Relationships matter. Thanks.

      4. Agree with Steeve. It would be extreemely interesting to hear from you who started the war 08. …. sure with arguments.

        And why usual\ordinary Abkhazians and Osetinians hate Georgians. to degree that it is not safe for them to go there.

        > Abkhazia was, is and always will be a part of Georgia!

        I used to like Georgian ppl from USSR times. And i’m not gainst your statement. But the final decision should be made by Abkhazians and Osetinians themself.

        Another question if Georgia itself… will exist as known Georgian nation. I also have serious doubts about that….
        For now it is a colony the the US with hordes of foreigners of anglo-saxonic orgin who are capturing (or already captured) the most interesting national assets against the background of slow cultural substitution\dissolution …It is even not like Japan or S.Korea… but rather like the Kosovo (with only difference in that Georgia is not a brito-murican eurasian Drug Hub).
        A was in Georgia few years ago for a few days.
        But that was enought for me to see how things are going on.
        Georgia is dissapearing … Unfortunately… Soon only label\badge or colorful pakage with georgian flag or ornament on it will only remain from country, culture, spirit and national patrimony.

        If nothing will be changed….

        p.s. Sooner or later they will accept even fags and lgbt-scum with such trends. Just question of time.

      5. Generally such your arguments were very expectable. )))

        Whole west tryied to decept the world at first with whom started the war 08.
        But it failed and all so-called international organization (incl. UN) and so-called (nauseous) “international community” also shuted up and regonized the Georgian Agression under tie-hungry Saakhashvili.
        US SD just used Georgia as cannon fodder against Russia ….the same way the use now Ukraine. They want to drag Russia into huge millitary conflict\war.
        Generally it their historical habbit to use their “allies” as cannon fodder or sacred vicitms – Iraq, Iran, Lybia, South and Central America, India and many more.

        But Ukraine will wake up, Georgia – i don’t think so in nearest time.

        > What irritated me was that barbarian tinker claims Abkhazian
        > and Ossetians hate Georgians.

        Oh.. cmon… lets orginize some georgians to visit those regions for a week.. in a t-shirt with georgian flag or georgian surname printed. I can help with permissions from officials if needed. 😉
        We will see how things really are 😉

        > It was a colony of Russia for 70 years.

        Thx, the answer recieved. NO any additional explanation needed. 😉

        The same way as Russia occupied Baltics yeah??? He-he…
        Now they are de-occupied …. – lost all their industry build during occupation by nasty Russians (including nuclear energy).. sold out their coutnries completely, lost their scientific institutional potential, lost their agriculture and amost all other….
        joined EU… have free migration.. or rather Evacuation…. ROLF.

        Native Latvian comparing the “occupation” and “europenization”\”westernisation”\”demo(c)ratisation”

        p.s.It was part of Russian Empire, but not a colony. All their culture, spirit, national assets were preserved …….many industry were build, high-end educational system implememnted and many more…..
        Do meet a lot of modern Georgian youth? They are already f$%g sterile already now. The same biorobotic vegs as most part of europenians or americans.
        Georgia was a part of Russian Empire and part of USSR. It never was a colony. Russia in its nature never had colonies. It NEVER ever was a colonial state.
        Btw can you imagine that native american would become the prime mister of UK? Or some african guy the President of France, or someone from Kongo the president of Belgium and so on…

      6. Tikabujiashvili , esp. for you regarding the so-called russian “occupation” of Georgia:

        I’m a Russian Occupant [Subtitles]

        p.s. I’m tired to apologize for being Russian

  3. Young ppl should be careful visiting the Caucasus, southern Russia and neighbouring countries.
    Guys should look for their girls, b\c if they are pretty they can be stolen by some enamoured local Djigit*. 😀

    😀 😛 😀

    (*) Djigit:

    1. I today suddenly realised that how good is that Djigits exist in Russia and former soviet republics mainly.

      B\c is they ,for example, would exist in Europe then it would pretty hard for our men to visit Europe even on short business trips without serious girls. Pha-ha-hee ))))))))))

      Serious girl:

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