An End to the Blackmail

Reading this post is very revealing. Sovereignty is very important, something many European countries are losing.

by Alexis Tsipras

For six months now the Greek government has been waging a battle in conditions of unprecedented economic suffocation to implement the mandate you gave us on January 25.

The mandate we were negotiating with our partners was to end the austerity and to allow prosperity and social justice to return to our country.

It was a mandate for a sustainable agreement that would respect both democracy and common European rules and lead to the final exit from the crisis.

Throughout this period of negotiations, we were asked to implement the agreements concluded by the previous governments with the Memoranda, although they were categorically condemned by the Greek people in the recent elections.

However, not for a moment did we think of surrendering, that is to betray your trust.

After five months of hard bargaining, our partners, unfortunately, issued at the Eurogroup the day before yesterday an ultimatum

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20 thoughts on “An End to the Blackmail

  1. Moneysacks through their instruments of IMF, WB, ECB etc want to conquer the last rebellious state in Europe of truly independent greek ppl.

    Btw ,if one don’t know, these Moneysacks and Banksters are f***king up Greece for more than 50 years already from time to time.
    Just the same as with other world, Africa, Asia, India, Latin America etc.

    Just after the WWII Great Britain \ England and USA created a civil war in Greece which lasted from March 1946 — til 16 October of 1949.
    They did just the same what they did between India and Pakistan, the same what was lated done in Russian Empire, Afganistan, Vietnam, Korea, whole African continent, former Yugoslavia and now in Ukraine and Sudan etc.. Full list of inspired civil conflicts by these “demorats” is very long infact.

    The only difference is that now their(UK, USA, France) old powerful friend – – Germany is “on the horse again”. Germany plays its role in UK\USA plans of redivision of the world approx. every 50-70 years in modern history.
    I hope most ppl know who created Hitler and Nazi regime in Germany after WWI as well as who was financing Lenin and Trotskiy in USSR\Russian Empire.

    Greek ppl not only have independent position and thinking, they additionally are orthodox christians what trouble “the western rulers of the World” even more b\c thanks heavely to orthodoxy Greeks are not allowing to many things in their coutry:
    – begining from awful “social experiments” like in many Europenian coutries (the most obvious example are Scandinavian coutries – particulary Sweden, Norway, Finland);
    – end edning by any tries of implementing of technocratic neo-slavery\ neo-colonial social structure in their coutry as well as moves to transhumanism as final target in such neo-slavery\ neo-colonial social changes.
    If one don’t know what is transhumanism – go educate yourself. It is far more than cyborgs or singularity technocratic heaven – It is ideal shape of the world from point view of those who concentrate the sources, technologies and capital \ money – ideal from of OVERALL tyrany.

    Article is generally good, but it contains the same populist cliché of which any intellectual person is completely fed up.
    Here they are:

      1. It is funny, but skipping the formal differencies and that Orthdoxy historically tried to preserve original faith without changes\reformation\editing , the main difference is materialism and some form spiritual capitalism. 😀 It is funny, but its really true.
        When looking deeply, one can find that Catholicism and Protestantism comparing to Orthodoxy are some form of “commercial” “contract” with God. )))

        Additional specific characteristics of Catholicism is that it is full of pride and such thing as spiritual ” prelest’ “.
        (i dunno how translate the prelest’ conception into englsih…. – its like self delight \ loveliness feeling)

        You can find a lot of very structual good information on this subject in materials of Osipov Alexei Ilyich – Orthodox theologian, professor of the Moscow Theological Academy.

    1. Going back to boring clichés in the article, the maine ones are “democracy” and so-called “europenian values”.

      Democracy in its official modern sense is utopia in frames of barbaric \ wild capitalism in which so-called western civilization lives last 400 years.

      Considering the official sense(meaning) of Democracy conception – it is fake and myth\ lies based.

      Democracy word come from greek “Demos” & “Kratos”.
      Modern official talking faces, “historians” and so on are explaining that “Demos” – is people and “Kratos” – is power, so we have Democracy as power of people what looks nice and fair. 😛

      But infact we have here just the same deception as in many other issues in The West. Half-truth\ Half-lie.

      Yes, “Demos” is literally translated like people , BUT they don’t say that in Antique Greece only top class\ Elite (modern moneysacks and oligarchs) can be called People or Demos in greek. Only MINORITY elite as Demos had a right to vote, but NOT all people.

      So about what f^&king power of people we can talk in such case?

      And modern reality of so-called “democracy” completely corresponds to its Antique sense.
      So You have exactly what was promised to You. 😉

      And really if you look deeply into such things as elections for example you can figure out that ppl are voting only nominaly and in the end there is only one real thing that infuence the result and even nominaly voting ppl – it is MONEY.

      In modern western societies the voting is made not by people but by dollars, euros, pounds etc.
      The distribution of dollars, euros, pounds in those societies will tell you the power of who these societies have in reality as political and economic model and who REALLY elect “govern. managers”- “talking faces”.

      Another example is a governance in EU, what is done by various commisions, who are NOT electable at all ! Such delegation of authorities for decision making is very useful from point of responsibility avoidance (including moral and image one).


      Well, talking about so-called “europenian values” i don’t want write a lot.
      I will jsut say that everybody use this claim \ term, but nobody ever expose\uncover\explain it. 😀
      B\c it is just the same myth, which additionally have huge marketing \ PR component and function.

  2. We were glad to hear that Greece was standing up for themselves. The IMF doesn’t care what happens to the countries as long as they can squeeze every last cent out of them. They aren’t after recovery they are after blood.

    1. Regarding the IMF, Greece is a sibling situation to Argentina with only difference in that greek population is more educate and smart + have orthodox values and worldview. That is why they are more united, reacted harder and more intensive.

      1. hm… according to my data % of well educated ppl in society was much lower in Argetina than in Greece.

        However i’m also might be wrong… i’m not sure exactly on this point.

        Will check out that again.

    2. To be clear, you should first create the artificial debt, then drop down the “international” financial ratings of indepted State and as result coutry property (in wide sense) prices, then buy all potentially profitable and controll-delivering (infrastructure of exmap) that property cheaply through the privatization process, then increase the debt even more.

      After that you own the coutry completely with its sovereignty…. till the time when that coutry will start nationalisation of lost property will say to f@#k off to you with all your “friendly sincere” service and “help”.

      1. Now they are doing totaly the same in Ukraine.
        But with Ukraine they play with fire b\c if it will wake up the Europe will be burning in unimagenable mess.
        Don’t want ot explain why b\c it too big and very complex geopolitical situation and question and i’m already sleepy .

      2. Just hope that you undestand how many players are in ukranian issue and how many roads are crossing there today.

        Extreemely briefly:
        Globaly in geopoliticaly it is as important as Syria if not more, but it has much bigger tech. potential than Syria, easely resurectable serious MIC, much bigger potential help than Syria even on the level of usual ppl and many more. Its population (more than 40m) has generally russian metnality or very close to it is and all this located in Europe.

      3. Want specify my previous sleepy thoghts.

        Again very shortly:

        I meant that if what is going on in Ukraine will not be stoped and if after some time in such case ukrainian will wake upi that will lead to something like fullscale coutrywide w_@r there.

        And if that will happen, then that w_@r undoubtfully spark the Europe.. and after all other issues will be bring to surface, various different players as in Europe (former Yugoslavia, Greece, muslims and many others) as global ones could enter the “game”.

        The mess will begin. With serious threat to WWIII.

        That is very simplfied best scenario for UK-US puppeteers about what they dreaming. Huge near world w@r in Europe will allow them to reset the financial system and ,sure, debts as well as will destroy all their potential competitors development – Germany and Russia.
        Even they will earn a lot of profit just the same as as during WWI and during WWII (esp. USA., UK was erning only till the moment they lost control on their project – Hitler).

        p.s. If one don’t know they are trying to play the same scenario in Asia. The most obvious example is broderline conflict of Myanmar and China now. Almost copycat to from ukrainian.
        Actually anlo-saxons don’t really care where the huge w@r will be in Europe on in Asia. They will achive their goal in any of these cases.

      4. Ha… interesting…
        About what i talked few days ago is already slowly begining:

        Exist such small town in ukraine called Muckachevo. It is very far from Donbas or Donetsk. It is opposite site of the coutry – west its part, near EU (Hungary, Slovakia, Poland). And now small battles started there – in western Ukraine.

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