Son-In Law and I getting ready to go fishing



13 thoughts on “Son-In Law and I getting ready to go fishing

      1. Oh, I can imagine they could take quite a bite out of you. We lived in Northern Ontario and the mosquitoes were quite something else.

  1. When i saw the photo i thought that there going to be another Breaking Bad season start. lol 😀

      1. he-he.. i’m just kidding.
        Yeah, Гнyc is awful….
        Mosquitoes are not that bad…real devil is мoшкa.

        Дeгoть нa жиpе (birtch wood tar) might be helpful also.

        I know that some plants are used as circle around neck for this purpose also in some regions by locals … just forgot the name of the plant\herb 😦

    1. Well, it was a whale of a tale, yet to be told if I may be so bold. The fish on my line unfortunately no one could dine. I wish I could say it got away, yet this dear small fish is here to stay. For the cat it was a small treat, sadly not much to tweet.

      1. Please promise not to pout, I swear no big fish where about. Thanks. Actually no text becauce I’m still learning how to use my new Samsung Tablet.

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