The Great Beer Heist

great train robbery

Stealing 20 tons of Beer

Here an interesting twist, instead of robbing a train a young man from Omsk decided to steal 20 tons of beer valued at over a million rubles. Being a creative individual he cooked up a plot using a transport truck. Allegedly, he found someone else’s passport on the street and glued his own photo on it. He also ordered online company letterhead to create invoices to be used during pick up. Next, he found a customer using the Internet, he luckily found someone who regularly ordered from the local brewery.

fake russian id

Using Fake Identification

After going through all of this the young man went to the local beer distributor, presented the fake identification and received the alcohol cargo. The beer itself was supposed to be delivered to Abakan, Russia. He then with 20 tons of beer on hand drove away to remote destination and in parking lot in Amur village were he sold the beer for 250,000 rubles ($5,000). Authorities in Abakan were notified when the shipment failed to show up.


Tracking Down a Missing Beer Truck

Once the statement was made about the missing alcohol, CID staff began it’s search for the missing truck. Using the surveillance cameras at the pick up point and highway cameras the police found the whereabouts of the stolen booty. But it took a bit longer to find the culprit since he carefully concealed his crime. He destroyed all the false documents he created, plus could not be found at the place used as his residence (his place of registration).


Don’t steal another man’s Beer

But like all thieves he was eventually caught and detained on the suspicion of stealing the party beer. A criminal case was filed under “Fraud”, now this cunning adventurer is going to be spending a minimum of two years in prison for his deviously devised little crime. Amusing as it is, it just goes to show it not wise to steal another man’s alcohol.




18 thoughts on “The Great Beer Heist

  1. damn.. they should forgive that guy for being so creative. 😉
    Pitty that he didn’t know about silicon fake-face masks.

    1. You know I must admit, when I read about it I thought damn that’s a pretty smart idea, and creative as well. I think they were lenient since he only got two years. In the states he would have gotten a minimum of at least 5 years maybe more. Thank God we live here and not there.

      1. In US ,among all other issues, situation is complicated by that prisons are privat very profitable business.

        But here we have just the same situation as everywhere else:
        to steal a bear – is crime, to steal few tens of millions bucks – nothing serious usually.

      2. Wise approach. Just don’t forget to share some with right ppl in the right moment ; )

    1. hm… in this way that is also possible.
      After all such things as few mill. are always teamwork. 😛
      So team matters, you just have to find some suitable teamates for excact tasks in cetain chairs… just in case 😀

      1. Steeve, i’m useless in this regard. 😀
        First i don’t own any chair.
        Second i have no any useful in this issue “influence” in this coutnry for various “just in case” situations.
        Third, my mercantile interests lie in “the conception of payback” ,and thus, corresponds to different geographical location. 😉

      1. Here exist some kind of social and moral code, which is above the law. No liberalism.
        Ppl clearly undestand what is bad, what is good.. what is just tricky case and what is really bad\wrong\harmful.

        You barealy can hear a question here “Is it legal?”, but you can hear claims like “It is not right!” or “It is basely\meanly\despicably”, or “It is harmful for other usual ppl, or society or The Motherland” and that is why “that” exactly shouldn’t be done or allowed, inrespective to the law whatever it allows “that” thing or forbids it.

      2. That called following the spirit of the law. That the basic difference now between Russia and the US. Russians understand what’s really wrong, were Americans are stuck on the law and have forgotten how to see what’s wrong. It’s not a crime that they have this problem because I do remember a time when they understood this. It’s a good time to come back to it.

      3. You are right and not the same time.
        And here is why:
        Maybe you are right about so-called following the spirit of the law instead of letters of the law.

        But exist something else… em.. it is hard to describe. Moreover exist more than one additional factors of this “smthg else”.
        I will try to describe some of them.

        Considering that social, ethical and moral code i talked above ppl evaluate situations inrespectful to the law at all! I mean that they do their conclusions nor from the letter of the law, nor from the spirit of the law, but from some common sense.

        Morevoer they in mass might consider some laws as wrong or not just\fair enough or imperfect and as result may consider that breaking of such laws or non-observance of them is acceptable in some circumstances.

        Next, russians separate ppl from “the system” – they understand that those who create system always able to cheat it in any country and usually only ordinary ppl should strictly follow the rules. That is why they usually may consider breaking of some laws by ordinary ppl indulgently. They feel that they should be stick together in front of the system and its rulers.
        The same time if person did smthg really bad or harmful – ppl will blame such person very hard.

        Exist some kind of “common”brotherhood” in the russian society.
        Imo that is basic difference. B\c in the west ppl are highly individualistic – they will betray\surrender\yield you, their “firends”, their neighbour and each other to the system or to the law suits any time independing on how fair\just the system is. They can even do it just from clear envy, greed, direct or indirect benefits\profit motivation or fear.
        I have thousands examples of such behaviour not only from US, Canada but from Europe too… particulary even from Germany.

        Such behaviour is completely unacceptable for russians – this means for them to be mean, coward, low man without any honour. Even if some person disturbs other one uin some kind they usually will prefer first of all to fix the problem or punish each other on theirself without help of the system or lawsuits.
        Ppl appreciate each other and relationships in the society with each other much more than westerners.
        This is the main difference.

        Approx. the same situation one might find for example in South American societies, in Japan, in South Korea and many other Asian coutries.

        I only partially described the difference and named not all factors.

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