Finding a Black Cat in a Dark Room – Looking into the Documentary “Red Army”

Red Army-1

Inside “Red Army”

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live your life in a pressure cooker with no possible way out? Escape is impossible and the price for doing so is well…………hell. Yet millions of lives were lead this way during soviet times in Russia. What happens to those who are not allowed to show their emotions openly and freely, how does this form the character of a person that lives in these conditions. In 2014 “Red Army” was released, it follows the life of Slava Fetisov and his teammates. Those who played Ice Hockey during soviet times give us a small insight into this phenomena.

Paralleling the rise and fall of the Soviet Union

If you would like a glimpse through a tiny window to see the results of this in one man and his comrades that played together on the Russian Red Army Hockey team . The documentary film “Red Army” is a must to see. The reviews that I read claim this movie reveals how sports, Ice hockey in particular mirrors social and cultural movements of the time. It does show the parallels between the rise and fall of the Soviet Union and how it related to the Red Army team. But what is most interesting is what’s not expected or openly clear.

The Essence of “Red Army”

It’s my opinion that as interesting as the parallels are, it’s just as interesting as to who Slava Fetisov was and who he became. Listening to him and his teammates one begins to understand the essence of what should really be seen. Russians are not boisterous, they come across a bit harsh, maybe even rude, one thing is for sure Old School Russian are not comfortable talking about themselves, friendships are very deep and extremely important to them. Sometimes we find the interviewer asking questions that the team players just won’t answer, it’s revealing. See more here.

Red Army-2

Searching for a Black Cat in a Dark Room

This documentary not only showed what conditions were like in the past but towards the end it can be seen that things are changing here. They maybe be happening slowly but what it showed to me was, it’s not always about “self”, one’s identity here doesn’t rest in individualism but what one adds to the community as a whole. I think one of the most profound things said in the film was when Slava spoke about searching for a black cat in a dark room. Russia is still in the process of finding itself, what is fascinating is being able to watch and be a part of it myself, no matter how little my part is. The Russian soul is not about the “me” it’s about the “the” or the totality or sum of souls who together form this great nation.




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