On a Search for True Meaning “Russia Day”


The Beginning

On June 12, 1990 Soviet leaders signed a declaration of Russia’s state sovereignty. That document symbolized the beginning of democratic reforms in Russia. It also marked one of the first steps to the official dissolution of the Soviet Union. The first celebration occurred on June 12 became a public holiday in 1994.


Russian Independence Day

It was originally named “Russian Independence Day,” marking both the day when Russia declared its independence from the Soviet Union. Sadly many Russians didn’t understand it’s meaning and refused to celebrate it. Understanding this Russia’s first president Boris Yeltsin suggested renaming it to Russia Day in 1997 (the holiday’s original name was the Day of Signing the Declaration of State Sovereignty)


Free from Enslavement

Russians simply see it as a third incarnation of a state that has always been, they feel that they have always been autonomous starting when the Mongols were defeated in the 16th century. They had not fought a war like the Americans did to gain their independence from England, yet they fought off Hitler and Napoleon to stay free from enslavement and a worse tyranny than they already had, calling it an “Independence Day” was understandably ridiculous and slightly offensive to them.

glory to russia

Glory to Russia!

In 2006 40,000 environmentalists marched on Tverskaya, demanding greater awareness and attention to environmental issues and mixing their demands with exclamations of national pride. Banners strung above the streets by the city government read “Russia Forward!” and “Glory to Russia!” The youths themselves carried similar signs, such as one reading “Russia was, is and will be a great power.” If we look closely we can see that in the reality, Russians had their freedom. In the beginning it might have been a bit odd  but they were finding their feet.

russia day

Today is “Russia Day”

Today “Russia Day” reflects the culture’s relationship with its own past and present. Although Russia did not achieve independence in the typical sense of the word, it is reminder of the period of uncertainty, and the progression of Russian people towards to a more open society. It is celebrated with a number of festivities with great fanfare and joyous revelry.

Still in Search of “Herself”

Since it’s birth 26 years ago it is still in the midst of a religious revival and a country which sees itself as still in search of itself.




20 thoughts on “On a Search for True Meaning “Russia Day”

  1. Russia needs more citizens like Archietech to provide much needed global perspective. “Life in Russia is not all about tanks and meddling in former Soviet client-states. Purchase a sense of humor (from someone) and forget about the Cossack days.” What wonderful advice from a Capitalist intruder!

  2. Informative and really interesting. It’s understandable that many Russians found the tilte, ‘Russian Independence Day’ confusing, annoying or even downright insulting.

      1. It does work that way, doesn’t it? I know so little about Russia, except for, perhaps, the main geographical features, so I find your posts really great.

  3. RE:[Russians simply see it as a third incarnation of a state that has always been, they feel that they have always been autonomous starting when the Mongols were defeated in the 16th century.]

    First if you appeal to official “history” then it is 1480 year – year of final defeat over Mongol – 15th century.

    Second, if you will appeal to real history and learn the evidences you can find that in fact THERE WAS NO ANY MONGOL INVASION NOR IN RUSSIA NOR IN EUROPE!
    It is a MYTH created in 16-17th centuries by europenian(german mainly) “historians” with help of Jesuits and Catholics.
    (The same they did to Chinese History too in many ways.)
    Learn chronicles – during those times the “enlightened” Europe depicted Russia and russians as barbarians and enormous asiatic mongol hordes who dance and drink with bears etc…
    Thess stereotypes are alive EVEN TODAY in some countries and among some ppl.

    In fact there no any evideces about that Mongol Igo\ Enslavement!
    No real credible evidences exist in Rurope, in Russia and even IN MONGOLIA!

    For more than 300 of years there is no any blood mixing with mongols?
    Do you believe that it is possible? In Russia typical mongol genetic haplogroups don’t exist at all. The same as in Europe.
    Mongols themselfs have no ANY chronicles (nor written nor verbal) about “their great achivement”!!!

    Indeed it was a CIVIL war inside Rus’.
    Learn ancient credibble annals esp. WITH PICTURES.
    Here is some examples for you:


    Do these warriors looks like mongolian warriors of that time? LoL
    Find how russian warriors looked at time 😉

    Also Learn about The battle of Kulikovo and esp. find ancient credible pictures\images of that battle and then try to find there first – two different types of warriors represeting two sides of the fight, and second – try to find among those two sides at least one Mongolian. 😀
    Some examples again:


    Do you see here two different forces and two types of warrior fighting each other? Or you see the same forces with abs. identical and the same warriors on both sides? 😉


    After that go and learn about TaRtaria (TaRtary).
    After TeRtaria find description and pictures of various tribes\clans of Great TaRtaria , particulary MOGOLs (NOT MoNgols!).
    Do you know who is russian orthodox oldbelievers? Do you know that some of them use different calendar from very ancient time? They have now the year (leto ) 7000 with something! And btw it is from Greek word Tartar appeard 😉

    This is just a small part for you regarding this question. But i wite above enouth of checkpoints for you to start lerning THE REAL history if you want.

    p.s. On your other questions in different topics will answer a little bit later.

    1. Mongolian Conquest of Russia is just the same official bullshit as that Egyptian Pyramids were build as Pharaoh’s burials by egyptian slaves. 😀

      Even among various asiatic and turkic russians almost NO any specific mongolian genetics was found by haplogroup analysis.
      Instead of this you can find such strange thing that in Russia and nearby in MiddleAsia exist ppl with usual asiatic appearance who have aryan haplogroup r1a.

      1. And pls don’t think that i have antything against Mongolian ppl.
        Quite the opposite!
        Mongols are nice peaceful, very kind, genuine and sincere ppl! In many ways much better than “some other more known” nations.
        I know some and had experience with them while was traveling nerby Mongolia.

        And btw they helped us A LOT during WWII with Horses as power and as meat! That was a big sacrifice for such poor coutry at that time, but they did it! We will never forget! Also if i’m not mistaken some of them fighted together with USSR against Nazi Germany and much more of them fighed on East front and during soviet liberation of Chinese Manchuria from Japanese militarists(when Japan was finaly defeted, after what USA decided “to impress” the USSR with “american might” in civilian Hiroshima and Nagasaki).

      2. I’m beginning to investigate all of this, it’s quite fascinating. If I understand it Siberia used to be called Tartaria Magna and from what I have gathered so far a good majority of them were Turks, maybe not all but a high percentage of them. It’s so amazing unraveling Russia’s history, it’s never ending.

      3. RE:[What I do keep coming up against is so much information about Genghis Khan, it’s hard to believe it’s all a fabrication.]

        Well, you have to be careful with claims. As any lie – the best one is always paritaly mixed with some truth.
        Again – look at the Great Pyramids situation or Hitler’s fascism Aryan theory (which heavely originates from Carnegie Institution for Science in US and was created with big help and support of Henri Ford and other well known wester “intellectuals”).
        Here is just the same – a lot of crap is mixed with some tiny part of truth and facts.

        Genghis Khan is not a name – it is Title.

        The real question is who he was, what he really did, how and where he lived and esp. how really looked.

        Common version all know, but exist various authentic credible text sources what desribes him as blonde (or dark blond\blond-brown) tall man with bright (in some sources blue) eyes.

        The same pretty questioanable situation is with Tamerlan \ Timur (died 1405).

        Even when during soviet times world famous face reconstructor Mikhail Mikhaylovich Gerasimov started the reconstruction of the face of Tamerlan on its scull\cranium basis, he found out that Tamerlan had white\europenian\caucasian face traits.
        He told that to governing body, but communistic politbureau ordered to him that Tamerlan face must be Asiatic from poin of political correctness and conjuncture \ state of affairs at that time.

        So that is why we have now that strange Tamerlan face what looks like mix with typical White Europenian type and Asian \ Oriental type.

        Problem is that a lot common offial Russian history is based on some late (16-18th cetruies) europenian (mainly german) works and sources what are pretty doubtful. Many authors have never been in Russia and didn’t know even a bit of russian language.

        The same situation btw is also with Chinese “history”.
        They COMPLETELY copied the history of Roman Empire on chinese motif\tune – just changed the characters and “historical” events names.
        If compare in motion and dynamics the Chinese and Roman Empire “histories”… you cget the same feeling as when figuring out that you bought chinese Iphone. 😀 Big part of chinese history is completely created by westerners with certain purposes – the same as russian one.

        Official Mongolian “history” is almost completely was wrote by westerners with a glance of russian and chinese fictions they also created.

        So yes – common version about Genghis Khan is fabrication, but you can’t say that all is fabrication.
        The same as if Pyramids weren’t build by egyptians you can’t say that they don’t exist, right?

      4. You say it is hard to believe….
        Just imagine if you ,for example, during 1950-1970 years will tell ppl That Giza Pyramids were not build by egyptians and that Pharaohs just found them there, then used them and tried to poorly copy them (and sure failed)? 8)

        During those times (from 14th to 17-18th centuries) in Europe existed some kind of hysteria about so-called “mongols” and almost animal fear of Russia.
        It was end of medieval times – dark time with heritage of a lot of Myths, misinfomations, vulgar ignorance, narrow-mindedness, religious bloody tyrany (by “god’s protected” Catholics) and so on.

        Exist description that some Europenian aristocrats (particulary Germans) went to sleep in full armor in those times and then ,sometimes, in the middle of night they waked up in sweat with screams\ shouts:
        “Whaaaaa! Mongols are comming!!!” 😀

        It was just the same situation as with “Russians are comming!” during The Cold War, when westerners (esp. americans) were bulding undeground bunkers\shelters from russian attacks and discussing on TV if it would be ethical enough to kill the neighbors for food or shelter in certain cirumstances (records of those talk-shows exist). 😀
        However all knew who started The Cold War and the same as now all knew who was and still is The Bully.
        But nevertheless – you have what you have. (c)
        As i said many times before – nothing really changes in this world for more than 500 years already.

        Also here is another example: just imagine the situation if from this moment all telecommunication will be destroyed for a few centuries.

        What do you think ppl will know in few centuries about ,for example, Amazons – famous female warriors? And what books will write about them at that time? And what official history will tell about Amazons after few centuries in such situation?

        I can tell how it will be: Official version will be that Amazons are wild strong unique female warriors who lived in Central or Southen America (maybe partially in Northen).
        If you ask americans and many other westerners brainwashed by TV and hollywood (typical histroy source 😉 ) – they will tell you that even NOW! Let alone what would be after few centuries without telecommunications and credible sources! 😀

        Just for the note – Who were Amazons females described by Herodotus in reality:
        These female warriors were mainly from Sarmatians and probably partially from Scythians tribes who lived in southern part of Russian Empire \ Rus’ \ TaRtary from Crimea panisula and Southern part of modern Ukraine to Altai region of modern Russia.

        Generally wiki is not a good or credible source. It just can provide some startpoints\checkpoints to those who interested in subject. After what one can google for credible academic sources of ancient annals or current Archaeological findings.

        The situations is with Achilles – The hero of the Trojan War.

        90% of ppl will tell you that he is Greek.
        But in reality according to both Homer and other authors of antiquity, Achilles was born on the coast of the “Cimmerian Bosphorus” (the Kerch Strait).
        Today tourists can see only small part of the excavations of ancient Panticapeum, raims of the ancient towns of Nymphaion, Myrmekion, and others. The ruins of the small port of Acre, where exactly according to legend Achilles was born, were found in the waters of the Kerch Strait.
        And Kerch Strait is de-facto the described river Styx.

        According to Greek mythologie behind the the river of dead Styx was another world – guess what? – yes Hades and TARTARus (greek Τάρταρος). 😉

        Hades itself was described as being either at the outer bounds of the ocean or beneath the depths or ends of the earth.[2] It was considered the dark counterpart to the brightness of Mount Olympus, and was the kingdom of the dead that corresponded to the kingdom of the gods.[3] Hades was a realm invisible to the living and it was made solely for the dead.[4]

        Tartarus is the place where, according to Plato in Gorgias (c. 400 BC), souls were judged after death and where the wicked received divine punishment. 😀 Like other primal entities (such as the Earth, Night and Time), Tartarus was also considered to be a primordial force or deity.
        Exist some refences in geographic matter pointing Tartarus at the North.

        There was an archaic heroic cult of Achilles in the Black Sea off the modern coasts of modern Romania and Ukraine.
        In modern Ukraine at Zameiniy Island exist temple of Achilles.


        Eh… looks like a king of somewhat messed post this time… but maybe for someone it will be interesting. 8)

      5. Also forgot to mention additionaly to all said about Mongolo-Europenian fairy-tale that there were no any archeological evidences of Mongols found nor in Russia nor in Europe – no clothes, no buildings, no tradionatl trasures, no weapons – NOTHING!

        And according to europenian myth-makers nothing left after 300 years (!!!) of Mongolian dominance on such huge territory in matter of remained culture, things, blood\dna, any testimonals about typical Mongolian warriors, verbal or written chronicles and so on.
        But, “enlighted” West and “Europe” ,as always, feel pretty well with that.

        RE: [I’m beginning to investigate all of this, it’s quite fascinating. If I understand it Siberia used to be called Tartaria Magna and from what I have gathered so far a good majority of them were Turks, maybe not all but a high percentage of them. It’s so amazing unraveling Russia’s history, it’s never ending.]

        ************************* Tartary Issue Part 1*************************

        Talking about TaRtaria, the situation is very (en)tangled.
        The subject is seriously complicated by that starting from 15th century or even earlier(second half of 13-14th) the Western Europe and Great Britain ,with big contribute firstly of Catholic Rome and Jesuits and then of Protestant, started to erase data about TaRtaria from chronicles and ancient annals.
        What resulted in that after XIX-th century in historical sources you hardly can find any mention about TaRtaria.
        The left only very rare and usually very short and perverted descriptions in some official relativly modern sources like Encyclopaedia Britanica ,for example:
        TARTARY, a vast country in the northern parts of Asia, bounded by Siberia on the north and west: this is called Great Tartary. The Tartars who lie south of Muscovy and Siberia, are those of Astracan, Circassia, and Dagistan, situated north-west of the Caspian-sea; the Calmuc Tartars, who lie between Siberia and the Caspian-sea; the Usbec TaRtars and Moguls(or Mogols who later turned into almighty MoNgols by europenian fairy-tallers), who lie north of Persia and India; and lastly, those of Tibet, who lie north-west of China.
        Imo they did that mostly for their selfs to make themself not completely forget such an important historical and cultural thing b\c who knows what would those brbarian “russian mongos” try do do in future.
        So they left that just in case… for knowing more about their enemy in some possible certain circustances in future that may happen one day.

        But nevertheless, some ancient cronicles were preserved and still exist as well as a lot of ancient maps.
        And btw a lot of ancient annals of Arabic and Persian travelers remained almost untouched! The contain a lot of information about ancient Russia \ Tartaria \ Rus’ \ Gardarika (Garðaríki).
        Also exist rumors that a lot of ancient sources and chronices about TaRtaria are hiden in the Archives of Vatican as well as lot of other valuable information about humanity, real history and various human civilizations.

        Going back to the subject about your question.
        On many maps and many sources Tartaria is showed and desribed as very \enormously large country what was even bigger than Russian Empire or Soviet Union. One should also consider that at those times a lot of researches were far away from being precise in maps and cartography itself generally was far from perfect.
        On many maps in begins from modern Ukraine\Poland and includes alsmot all former USSR territory plus a lot of area in modern Mogolia, Northen China and lands bordering the modern India.

        There a lot of sources exist with ancient maps.
        Some you can find here for example:

        On some maps Ukraine, big part of modern western Russia like Moscow region etc is shown like Europe for example – but anyone undestands that is clear BS b\c there never was “any Europe” in those regions – there no any archeological or cultural evidences of any western eurpenian culture influence exist in those regions.

        Some ancient observers and cartographers might consider ancient Kievan Rus’ or Byzantine Empire as part of europenain civilization, but that is clear bullshit as all you well known. They were enemies.
        Orthodox Byzantine Empire was physical, ideological and religious enemy of Catholic Roman Empire as well as Eastern Europe represented by Kievan Rus’ was the same enemy to Western Europe.

        The situation overall isn’t changed much even today btw! 8D
        I will tell about Kievan Rus’, Empire, TaRtaria and their interconnection in context of general TaRtary subject and “Euro – Mongolian” Genghis Khan myths and “historical” euro fairy-tells about mongolian conquest of Russia in the second part of this message.

        Interesting thing that Tartary was desribed in many sources like not the typical country , but like a courty-union or Empire-Union of some type. But not like a typical western colonial empire, but some kind of Imperial and Cultural Union of many ppl, tribes , clans etc.

        And btw consderting this and some other interesting things appeared interesting version about proto- Turkic language origin. As known, all Turkic languages and cultures originates from Russia, but nobody knows from exactly culture or ppl this language originates. The exact source or proto – Turkic language in ancient Russia \ Tartaria is still unknown.
        So appeared pretty reasonable version that proto – Turkic language was especially created for Imperial Union of TaRtaria to ease the communication between various ppl on such huge territory, unite the cultures, and sure make more effective millitary subordination and managment of the gigantic Army forces – ORDA.
        I.e. the main thought is that proto – Turkic language was some kind of ancient “Esperanto” in TaRtary Empire Union which at start was used mainly in heterogeneous\diverse military forces and related issues on that wast territory. After it spreaded to common use among many ppl of Tartary. So de-facto TaRtary most probably was a bilingual state with proto-Turkic and proto-Russian \ Sanskrit ralated proto-Slavic languages.
        Then they started to miix – what you can see now in modern Russain language, where you can find a lot of Sanskrit basis as well as Turkic roots.
        Too much things point us to that The Tartary was was a kind of Aryan(Vedic)-Turkic Empire or Imperial Union.

        p.s. Interesting ancient pictures of Tamerlan, about whom i wrote above (one is Italian if i’m no wrong).

        Anybody see any oriental features?

        And again any great Russian characted is always Tyran – Ivan The4th Grozniy, Stalin, Putin… even Tamelan! No surprices considering that the description is from Catholic Rome of 16th century.

      6. ************************* Tartary Issue Part 2*************************

        Here i will describe the most interesting thing among whole subject of Tartary, Kievan (and others) Rus’, Byzantine Empire, europenian fiction of mongolian conquest myth based on civil war in ancient Russia, russian Aryan Vedic and Turkic cultures, orthodox chrisitanity in Russia and so on 😛

        First of all we should remember the Byzantine Empire (395—1453) which appeared after spliting of Roman Empire.
        And from those time the rivalry between greek influenced Byzantine (Eastern) Empire and and Western Rome Empire and its incartantions\splinters (like Venesia etc).
        Approx from the 5-6th centuries serious tensions began in religious matter among these two foreces between roman The Papacy\Papism pushers\lobbists (future Catholics) and orthodox Byzantine.
        The final battle began after final appearing of (Roman) Catholicism as stateful phenomenon after Great (official) Church Split in 1054.
        However a lot of disputes were going on begining from 5th centrury in matter essence of Christianity , christian values and many other related fetures.
        The kernel was simple – Byzantine was Orthodox and resisted any reformation of the original christian faith and church.
        Just the same way as now orthodox christianity is blaming current western christianity reformation, for example such as gay (church) wedding ceremony and others.

        The same time Byzantine Empire ,trying to strength its influence, was providing extesive foreigh diplomacy and christian missionary activity in lands surrounding the The Empire, including the Black Sea region and lands of modern Ukraine and western Russia.

        Before the IX-th century there no any historical mentions about modern name of Russia or related to it like Rus’, Ruthenia, Roxolania, Ruscia, Ruzzia and so on.
        Existed data only about TaRtary (pretty often based or reference on\to more ancient chronicles what are lost now or some of them might be stored in Vatican) and also about Gardariki or Gardarike (Garðaríki, Garðaveldi, Gårdarike – literally the kingdom of cities).

        The fist mentioning about proto-Rus state in official history appears in 839 year desribing diplomacy visit of Byzantine delegation ,which included ambassadors of Rhos(Rus) ppl, to the king of the franks Hludovicus Pius (Louis le Pieux \ Ludwig der Fromme). There also desribed the ruler \ prince of Rhos(Rus) ppl – Chacanus.

        By the time of those events TaRtary obviously already was in serious state \ government crisis b\c begining aprrox from the 7th century on its territory began to appear various separatist \ secessionist mutinous\ rebellious mirco(comparably)- states among its Aryan and Turkic population such as Khazarian khaganate, hypothetical so-called “Russian” khaganate and some others.
        TaRtary was already in state of desintegration on territorial, ethnical, cultural, religious\faithful etc basises.

        Novgorod Republic (Novgorodian Rus) and later Kievan Rus(which included Novgorodian Rus) were also ones of such separatist \ secessionist mutinous\ rebellious mirco(comparably)- states.

        Kievan Rus’ was highly geopoliticaly and culturaly influenced by the Byzantine Empire and Constantinople (Tsargrad) what in 988 year resulted to adoption\convert of \ to Christianity of the East Orthodox confession by Vladymir Svyatolslavovich (that was done generally under compulsion among usual Rus’ population). Traditional and original for that region Aryan Vedic faith was forbiden.

        Among many other various ppl of TaRtary such actions of Kievan Rus’ for sure were considered as betrayal actions against ancestor’s faith, culture and traditions. And such view of situation probably had both main cultural wings of TaRtary Empire – as Aryans as various Turkic ppl, who together were ignorantly called pagans by various abrahamic adepts of those times. They both wear this “label” even today.

        This issue was one of very important and fundamental causes of unstoped millitary conflicts with neighbors from former mother State (The TaRtary).

        Then after XI-th century Kievan Rus’ began to become weaker b\c of many well known reason (pls learn by yourself if interested).
        The same time in the southern-central line part of former TaRtary processes of reunification and consolidation had began, which were led by Turkic wing of the former Empire.
        And these processes appeared on both poles of former empire almost the same time: at the west pole it was Golden Horde (Golden Orda) and at the east pole in was the characted with title of Genghis Khan.
        But again there are NO ANY serious evidences of any kind exist about any mongolian impact in those processes! That all was internal civil processes of ancient Russia \ TaRtary.

        Then from 1224 year unification of two those poles appeared – Golden Horde (The one where was Khan Batiy – Khan Batya – Хaн Бaтя) became a part of Genghis Khan Empire.
        (Golden Orda (Horde) was a part of Genghis Khan Empire up to 1266 year.)

        By that time, begining from the end of 11th century Kievan Rus’ ,as result of the loss of Aryan Vedic ideological ground and social structure after adoption of Christianity, was falling into internecine wars and struggle for power inside the state.
        All this time Kievan Rus ,on the background of all those internal troubles, experienced periodical millitary conflicts with their neighbors of former Tartary (including Golden Hodre), who preserved Aryan \ Vedic or Tukic \ Tengri traditions and beliefs and considered Kievan Rus’ as traitors to anestors.

        During 1237—1240 years Kievan Rus’ faced the most massive millitary raids of pseudo-Mongol Empire and particulary its western wing Golden Horde. In the issue processes of Rus’ desintegration and internal conflicts become even deeper and as relult part of Rus’ princes sided with Orda (Golden Horde) and became part of it.

        After that those, who sided with pseudo-mongol Empire and Golden Horde were must to pay millitary tax (10% of income) on the maintenance of the common armed forces – ORDA (Horde) and provide some amount of young men for that millitary service.
        That was absolutely normal practice for any State of that time. All of them had some form of millitary tax for own armed forces maitanance and many had some form of term millitary service duty for their popultaion.
        It was the same in USSR and even today in modern Russia all young men should go to term millitary service for 1 year (earlier it was 2 years).
        But europenian “historians” call that pretty usuall for that time millitary tax as tribute to occupation “Mongolian”(LOL) troops…. Eeeek?

        Starting from 1260 year the internal conflicts and desintegration began in the Genghis Khan Empire and on this background the feudal fragmentation of former Kievan Rus’ still was in progress.
        After 1270 the pseudo-mongol Empire was aslo completely falling into internecine wars and struggle for power inside the state. Totaly the same situation was in fragmented Kievan Rus’.
        Both sides were fighting with each other and addtiionaly the fragmented parts of both them were also fighting with each other and even with former allies – THE COMPLETE MESS HAVE BEGAN!
        ******* That is why you can see on ancient pictures what depicts those events that on both sides of the battles were the same forces and warriors – russain (rus) regiments and tatarian (horse) cavalry. *******
        From that monent slow-motion\torpid overall CVIVIL WAR of all against all began in ancient Russia \ Tartary in all its micro-states: former Kievan Rus’ and other Ruses, pseudo-Mongol Empire, Golden Horde, various khaganates and so on.

        Approx from 13th century serious penetration of Islam strarted in various fragments of pseudo-mongol empire what seriously affected the acceleration of its desintegration.
        Just the same way as Christianity adoption damaged the former Kievan Rus’.

        This torpid overall CVIVIL WAR continued till the 1480 year.

        After 1480 the reunification and consolidation processes began in Rus’ lands under rule of Tsar Ivan the 3rd Vasilevich.

        Then Ivan the 4th Grozniy continued the work of Ivan the 3rd Vasilevich reunited even more – 2\3 of former Tartary territory.
        It was the birth of Russian Empire.

        What was then you know: first “Smuta times”, then various re-incorporation of former Tartary territories and ppl during growing of Russian Empire and at the peak moment – expansion to Alaska and part of California and Hawaii.

        After the Csar Nicolas the 1st the shit began again – war I, various revolution crap, war II …..and finaly new reunification of probably 3\4 of Tartary lands under USSR.
        What was later many of you know in general to some degree.

      7. I’m beginning to form a theory about what happened. As I read your information and doing my own investigation I’m seeing something very interesting. The theory is based on the sons of Israel, but I don’t have a lot of time right now to go into it fully. Simply I think Tartaria or Great Tartaria was the result of or under the influence of one of the branches which I will share in more detail once I’ve completed my research. But it’s making sense in my mind. If you understand maybe you can elaborate as well. Will try to find more time for this soon. My blogging has slowed down since I’m doing so much research so bare with me. Talk soon. Steve

      8. Well, i understand what you are talking about.

        This data is from here:

        However i never digged deeply in that matter b\c i just don’t see a real reason for that. Imho this this theory is unsound or even groundless.

        I will expalin why i have such a point in the next message.

        But neverthless it would be very interesting to hear what you have found on this subject and your conclusions on this research.
        Who knows… i’m also can be wrong.
        * *
        * *
        p.s. Some fun:
        who “copycat”ed who: Russians from Native Amricans or Indians from Russians (time loop???)


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