Remember The Device Designed To Clean The Worlds Oceans? It Will Be Deployed In 2016


Very early on in my blogging career I did a post about this. It’s not exactly about Russia, but it certainly affects her and ever other country in the world. I hope you read this and understand the importance of this project, everyone on the planet will benefit.

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Back in 2013, we reported on the story of 19 year old Byron Slat, who had developed a device with the capacity to remove 7,250,000 tonnes of plastic and garbage from the worlds oceans in just 5 years. Byron, now 21 and CEO of The Ocean Cleanup Project, has just announced that his project will come into fruition by 2016. The announcement was made during Asia’s largest technology conference, Seoul Digital Forum, in South Korea.

His system spans 2,000 meters, which means it will become the longest floating structure to ever be deployed into the ocean. Launching this device represents a huge milestone in The Ocean Cleanup’s mission to clean and rid the world?s oceans of plastic pollution.

Deployment off the coast of Tsushima, an island located between Japan and South Korea, is currently being researched. The device will be operational for around two years before it reaches the shores of Tsushima Island…

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7 thoughts on “Remember The Device Designed To Clean The Worlds Oceans? It Will Be Deployed In 2016

  1. Nice Idea.
    However today exist so-called garbage drifting islands in ocean.
    Those “islands” are mainly from plastics.
    And they easely can be found in the ocean by satellites.
    But nobody really cares to find them or even more to recycle that plastic.

    Second moment is that exist many coastal plastics dumps\junkyards and also mainly plastic ones.
    If i’m not mistaken in Africa, Asia, South America.
    And also nobody really cares to clean or recycle them.

    For both issues above no any devices needed – just have to find thoses coastal and drifting jusnks and recycle them (+ in case of island to to tow it to recycle place what be easely done).

    So dunno, the idea itself is good , but in the cucrent circumstances in the world it smells a lot like “populism” – the same way as green energy last 30 years, “greenpeace” movement, Kioto carbon protocol regulations, fresh water sources protection and saving(in reality – corp proprietary fighting for them esp. in 3rd world), so-called energy saving promotion, GMO as panacea from famine and for cheap food, humanitarian, food and medical help for Africa, 97% of so-called “charity” projects etc… and many many more – all is usually a BS what appear to be in reality business, laundering or political projects or both the same time.

    Sorry for my pessimism, guys, but i would say that today all is still about money or geo-politcal\image\public PR or\and appropriate agenda by specially created NGO and other organization and funds.
    Follow the money or (geo)political \ influential benefits.

    For today only some bio-diversity animal saving projects were successful. And in very few coutries.
    Also closed cycle\loop of nucalear energy generation with potential to use and recycle of nu_clear waste as opposite to all so-called “green screaming” organizations and agenda NGOs like corp funded greenpeace etc. However the tech is still under development , few reactors are already successfully working in test regime as i know.

    Lets hope that this time it is something more than just populism and regular ,so-fashionable today, eco-technocratic agenda actionless demagogy.

  2. Steeve make a post about Fast-Neutron Reactors (or FBR) and closed nucler fuel cycle in the frames of country-wide bi-type nuclear energy systems which are free from major nuclear waste.
    Might be very interesting for ppl esp. with tech. background. 😉

  3. Just in case if smbd interested.
    Here is approx. concept of current closed russian nuclear fuel cycle in case of using Fast Neutron Reactors (Fast Breeders).

    Today two Fast Breeder Reactors of industrial scale are working on commercial basis: BN-600 and BN-800. BN-800 is newly build and BN-600 was operatin since 1980 and only upgraded.

    Considering this technology today they have stock of used nuclear fuel from usuall thermal nuclear reactors to secure the energy producing on Fast Breeders for approx. 3000 of years.

    Also as i know russians now bulding Fast Breeders for China and India(about India however i’m not sure).

    Till 2020-2030 they plan to make their nuclear energy completely recycle-able with abs. closed fuel cycle country-wide. Till the 2050 they plan to achive using of Nucluar Fusion in energy producing.

      1. Yup.
        Russia is the only country today in the world that operates industrial scale commercial Fast Breeder Reactors.
        Funny thing that they are doing this from 1980!!!
        I’m sure that if not collapse of USSR we today probably would have very different nuclear energy industy.

        Now as i know they started 3rd project of Fast Breeder – BN-1200.
        The same time they are bulding around 9 usual thermal reactors and going to start generation IV type of such ones in nearest time.

        Generally Russia is very far ahead in peaceful nuclear energy from any other country in the world today. So they are not going to lose this advantage, but opposite – to boost and speed up it.
        The goal is not only export high-end nuclear services (bulding, enrichment, recycling etc), products (fuel), technologies but in future to use the BOSS strategy – build, operate, supply and sell.
        Also they undestand that such huge R&D in this field will deliver derivative benefits in many other science and applied industries – begining from trasportation and ending by space exploration.
        There is almost no private business in this industry and around – and that is why you can such results.

        R0SAT0M Global presence (2010 year):

        Also there a lot of works on small powered mobile Fast Breeder Reactors (for now only two projects exist as i know).

        p.s. There are also works on new russian space orbital station (they are leaving ISS trickers after contract finish). Though situation and story with Space Stations from the very begining is a separate pretty interesting subject.

      2. What exactly subject you want me to write about: nuclear energy or space stations issues?
        With Space Station the essence is in next:
        As you know the first simple Orbital Staition in the world was build by Soviets\Russians “Salute DOS” (1971)

        as well as the first big multimodule Space Station – “Mir” (started in 1986).

        The west started “International” Space Station only in 1998 and again with russian help.

        In 2001 year programm of Space Station “Mir” was stopped and Station was flooded.

        The main thing that there was no need to flood the The Mir or even to stop the project. The Station was useful, still had workable resource\life time, was upgradeable and so on. Even Iran was offering financial help for 2 years to save The Station Mir.

        But unfortunately from the moment of USSR collapse (1991) till approx. 2003-2004 years Russia was full of national traitors, mercenary west vassals, agents of influence, payed by west oligarchic lobby, regular residents of C_I_@, |\/||6 and some other organisations (who were introduced like market reforms professionals, advisers, NGO supporters, civil sosciety reformists etc… during Borys Eltsin administration).
        That was a time when Russia was good, when it was a “friend” for the west, Eltsin was the best buddy and “best” president for Russia ever from western point of view.

        All those ppl named above had pretty certain tasks – to destory the industrial, economical, scientific and finaly millitary potential of former USSR and particulary Russia. During that destruction they enormously robbed Russia and that is one of main reason of the sharp economic grow in the west from 1990 to approx 2002 years.
        Thx God those bastards only partially achieve success.
        They destroyed a lot (even in strategic areas), for example : semiconductor industry completely, machine-tool construction lamost completely, big part of light industry, some part of chemical industry and even MIC and so on.

        The same destiny they planned for many uniq “uncomfortable” objects and products and they lobbyed those desions during Elstin puppy “buddy” Russia: submarines, nuclear strains, early warning radars, research institutes, object of experental physics, astophysics and theor. physics and many more.

        The Space Station “Mir” also was in that “uncomfortable” objects list.
        That was the only real reason for its destruction.

        Why Russia want to leave the ISS? Answer is very simple – unfair ,as usual, “play” of the west.
        Russians don’t want to be “used” anymore in any issue.
        Who is really interested in key moments of this question may gUgle for more details.

        So for now in matter of Space Stations Russia is planning:
        Own Natioanl Space Station – starting in 2017.
        Lunar\Moon Orbital Station – finish till 2029.

        I will not write here about other their space programms and related project. That would be to much of information. One can find most of them using his\her own time.

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